Climb Kilimanjaro for SHALVA
Climb 4 SHALVA

Erica Goldberg

Erica Goldberg

My Fundraising Goal: 30,000 ILS
Total Raised To Date: 21,119 ILS
Remaining: 8,881 ILS

In 2024, I will kick-off my 50th year doing something meaningful: climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the largest free-standing mountain in the world (5,895 meters!) - and one of the most challenging.

Why am I doing it?

For Shalva, the Israel Association for the Care and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities.

From infancy through adulthood, Shalva provides transformative care to 2,000 individuals with disabilities and their families, with leading-edge therapies, inclusive educational frameworks, social and recreational activities, employment training, independent living, and respite programs - regardless of religion, ethnicity, or financial capacity.

I am participating in this once-in-a-lifetime challenge to help Shalva's families continue to conquer their personal mountains on a daily basis.

But, I need your help.

I'll take on the training, and all the aches and pains that come with 8 days of trekking and sleeping in a tent (sometimes in sub-zero temperatures), if you'll donate to this worthy cause. All contributions (USD/UK/CAD/ILS) are tax-deductible. Any amount you give will help me reach my goal.

Join me in supporting Shalva and the critical work they are doing with thousands of children and their families.

Thank you in advance for your support and generosity.

To learn more about Shalva, click on tab above, or the link below.

All Sponsors:
Manfred Goldberg500 gbp
Morgan Segal36 gbpGood luck Erica, an amazing cause!
Richard & Abbe Izsak180 ILSEnjoy the climb and the challenge!
Sandra Unterman500 ILSYou are amazing, good luck!
anonymous700 ILS
Sandi Fischer180 CADSo proud of you!!
Debbie Diamond500 ILSSo proud of you!! Inspiring us all
Michal and Ilan Nordmann500 ILS
Tamar ORVELL180 USDClimbing higher and higher. | יֵ֭לְכוּ מֵחַ֣יִל אֶל־חָ֑יִל
anonymous360 CADWow!! So impressed -
Andrew Pollock200 CADWhat a great adventure and a great cause.
anonymous108 gbpGood luck But try a drag your husband along
Jackie&Harvey Friedman100 CADYou go, girl!!!So proud of all you do but this is beyond!! Love you
Sarah Garfinkel90 ILSI am very impressed AND jealous! Hope you have a safe, successful, and fun climb!
David and Linda Goldberg250 gbpFrom one set of Middle aged Madness Meshugoim to another..."Well Done and wishing you much Hatzlachah!"
Rachel Florence50 CADThank you for doing this! Best wishes. Love you!
Sharona Perelman1800 ILSYou’re amazing! Good luck!!!
Sarah Godfrey250 ILSAmazing!! Good Luck! Can't believe we didn't talk about this in Shul!
Gayle Bazini43 gbpGood Luck Erica! Proud to support a great cause .x
Uriel Goldberg360 ILS
Shanna Meyuhas180 ILSSo proud of you!!!! Good luck and we are here to support you in anyway we can!!
golda milo-manson180 CADgood luck-so proud of you
anonymous360 ILS
Lisa Science250 ILSGood luck Erica on this amazing challenge !!
Randi Bean118 CADGood luck Erica!! This is amazing! You're gonna rock this!
Mia Urman540 ILSSo proud!
Allon Bross500 CADGood Luck Erica!!!
Shirley & Avrom Gossack 360 CADBoubie Mania & Zaida Moshe Yaakov are over your shoulders with support
naomi chanoch500 ILSGreat challenge and good luck. xx
Danni Franks250 ILSGreat challenge Erica. And happy birthday.
anonymous180 ILSAmazing!!! Very excited for the opportunity to support your effort ❤️
anonymous360 ILSGood luck!!
Natalie Bean100 CADBest of luck! Such an amazing cause!! So proud of you!!!
Aviva Banczewski1000 ILSAmazing experience - very proud of you
Allison Kelly180 CADYou got this! Proud of you.
anonymous200 gbp