Climb Kilimanjaro for SHALVA
Climb 4 SHALVA

Michael Hirsh

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My Fundraising Goal: 30,000 ILS
Total Raised To Date: 31,572 ILS
Exceeded my goal by: 1,572 ILS

I have accepted a double challenge, one to task myself physically and the second to help a wonderful organization.

The physical challenge is to climb Mount Kilamanjaro.

More importantly, is the second challenge to help Shalva, an organization that exceeds in working with children and young adults with special needs in cultural, social and occupational programs.

I personally will be contributing half of the goal amount, and would like to significantly exceed the target amount.
Please help Shalva by donating generously (all contributions are tax deductible in the US and Israel).

All Sponsors:
Ellen Mondrow100 USD
‫יואל מלמד‬‎150 ILS
Stuart Hirsh500 USD
Nisan & Chaya Hirsh515 ILSPlease stay on the trail with the group and have a great time!
Gershon & Camelia Pick250 ILS
Yonatan Raziel180 ILSMountain goats cannot keep up with you
Eric Lafazan180 USDKol Hakavod!!
Noam Book400 ILSHave a safe trip
Sarah Hirsh McCartney360 ILSclimb carefully
Samuel McCartney500 ILSGood luck Dad!
Eric and Laura Chabrow54 USDGood luck.
Alyssa Appel50 USDWhat a wonderful challenge (on both levels). Hatzlacah!
Michael Mondrow1080 ILSMay your climb inspire you to climb new heights in your avodat hashem
anonymous250 ILS
Avi & Joan Levin250 ILS
anonymous50 USDHatzlacha!!!
Adina Hirsh Mondrow195 ILSMay you always keep climbing and know how to get to the top, be
Sue McCartney36 USDAn amazing challenge to benefit a wonderful organisation Good luck Michael!
ליאורה לוינשטיין250 ILSבהצלחה רבה
Philip and Shelley Stein250 ILS
Shmuel Weiss & Family360 USD
Faye and Len Hirsh250 USDHatzlacha! Come back safety.
Gary Stern250 ILSRouting for you and the Shalva kids
Adina & Marc Kischel250 ILSKol hakavod, Michael!! Another goal to cross off your bucket list? ;-) Best of luck on the climb!
Shaanan Kraus 500 ILSUp there it’s a local coal to God
Lloyd Lurie500 ILSFirst Hagba on Simchat Torah and now this!! Make us proud!
Larry Rebacz500 ILS
Steven Berns100 USD
Aliza and Shmuel Chabrow500 ILSYou should go מחיל אל חיל!
Benzi Ende250 ILSYaale veYavo veYagia easily all the way to the top
Doron spielman250 ILSYou're amazing! Good to have you as a neighbor Michael!
Michael Hirsh15000 ILS
Shlomo Gilis1000 ILSCol Hacavod !!! Behazlacha !!!
Stu and Audrey Hirsh250 USDWay to go! Happy Climbing
Mandel Feferman250 USDMichael, continue your good work for this organization Manny & Joanne
Abe Rappaport250 USDput one foot in front of the other all the way to the top