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My Fundraising Goal: 7,500 GBP
Total Raised To Date: 7,943 GBP
Exceeded my goal by: 443 GBP

As you all know, I am a keen adventurer and climber. High up on my bucket list for years has been the dream to take on the largest free-standing mountain in the world; Mount Kilimanjaro, and what better way to do this than in support of Shalva.

Since visiting the Shalva centre in 2017, the amazing work and difference that the charity has made has continued to stick with me and I can’t wait to have the opportunity to give back to Shalva in February in this terrifying yet exhilarating challenge.

Every step of the way is going to be a challenge, from the lack of showering to the rough sleeping, but I know that every step I take is a step closer to helping families both in and out of Israel who are aided by the amazing support of Shalva. I hope that in taking on this huge trip and facing my fears, I am able to help Shalva to help those struggling every day. Although I will be taking on this challenge alone, the inspiring stories of Shalva’s work will drive me to the peak (and my mum said hopefully back).

A bit about Shalva for those of you who don’t know:
Shalva provides transformative care to 2,000 individuals with disabilities and support to their family members, in the warmest and most loving environment. From infancy through adulthood, this incredible organization provides leading-edge therapies, inclusive educational frameworks, social and recreational activities, employment training, independent living, respite programs regardless of religion, ethnic background, or financial capability!

All contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law, and anything you can give would help me reach my goal.
Together we'll be supporting this truly special place and changing the lives of thousands of children.
If your company has a matching gift program, please let me know so I can connect you with Shalva.

Thank you so much in advance for all your help and generosity, it is really appreciated.

Love Talia xxx

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Naomi Marchant360 ILSWe are so proud of you! You've got this! Love from Naomi and Daniel xxx
Talia Bazini15 GBPAmazing!! Good luck !!❤️
Joanna Sadie50 GBPGood luck Talia! Love the Sadie’s xx
James Hamburger18 GBPGood luck and enjoy!!
Solly Sperber15 GBPGood luck!
Ionia Sofer-Yadgaroff72 ILSGood luck Talia !!!
anonymous36 GBPGood luck special lady!!!
anonymous20 GBPGood luck flaps xxx
Lucy Grant20 GBPGood luck Talia!! You're so amazing xxx
Lici Harris20 GBPGood Luck Tals!! So proud of you, you’re gonna smash it xxx
Sophie Horne10 GBPGood luck! Xxx
Millie Flaum20 GBPgood luck - you’re doing the most incredible thing and you’re gonna smash it! lots of love xxxx
Emma Grant20 GBPGood luck Talia!! xx
Family Wittenberg20 GBPBest of luck for this amazing challenge!
Eli Marchant325 ILSYou're mad... Good luck!
Lara Kay100 GBPWe’re so proud Talia! Don’t forget to look up at the stars and take one step at a time. You’ll be at the top before you know it! :) Such an incredible cause!!
Ollie Stein20 GBPSmash it Talia! And don’t look down
sasha cohen20 GBPGood luck Talia, so amazing!! Xxx
Michelle and Hayden Marchant360 ILSWhat an amazing thing to proud of you!!! Go Talia x
Eliana Franks30 GBPdont trip!!
Gaby Brassey20 GBPGood luck!!
anonymous50 GBPTalia, way to go! We are so impressed ! Very best of luck x
Arlene Schless30 GBPGood luck Talia.Proud of you.xx
Joanna Johnson50 GBPWow! What a fantastic challenge! Best of luck Talia Love The Johnsons xxx
Rob Dyson 20 GBPGood Luck!!
Tami and Rafi Cohen36 GBPWe're so proud of you Talia!!!! Xxx
Zoe Sinclair100 GBPBrilliant of you Talia and we support you all the way! Love The Sinclairs x
Ella Marchant25 GBPSmash it Tali and don't forget to call me from the top!! Xxx
Helen Goldrein100 GBP
anonymous500 GBP
Mitchell Feldman50 GBPAmazing effort. Wishing you an effortless climb. Be safe x
anonymous180 GBPWow, Talia, what a great challenge to undertake, enjoy every step! xx TMgj
Max Joseoh20 GBPGood luck on your adventure!
Valerie Marchant150 GBP
anonymous500 GBP
Debbie Glass50 GBPHave an enjoyable and safe climb
Mark Summerfield50 GBPGood luck Talia - lots of love the Summerfields xx
Ariana Phillips36 GBPGood luck Talia - hope it all goes well .
anonymous25 GBPBest of luck Tali!
Greville Marchant108 GBPWell done Talia, this is an incredible challenge.
Alison solomon18 GBPGood luck
sara franks1000 GBPWe're so proud of you Tals. What a fantastic thing to do for the most wonderful cause. Reach for the stars. love The Franks xxx
anonymous50 GBPGood luck, Talia!
ian carno54 GBPbest of l
Lawrence Harding50 GBPOur very best wishes and good luck. Mym and Lawrence Harding
רותי כהן250 ILSGood Luck. Great idea.
anonymous36 GBPGood luck Talia!!!
anonymous10 GBP
Linda Gerecht100 GBPGood luck. Enjoy! Love LInda & Ian
anonymous36 GBPGood luck Talia.
Tel Aviv Marchants100 ILSGO FOR IT !!!!
anonymous180 USDClimb Tals Climb!!! Well done
Nichola Bentley 20 GBPGood luck Talia x
Samantha Breslauer50 GBPSo so proud of you!!! Wishing you the best of luck xxx
anonymous36 GBPI’ve been there before. Wishing you a smooth easy climb. Remember…. Every step is one step less!!!!
anonymous36 GBPWishing you the very best of luck Talia!
Jonathon Olsburgh100 GBPGood luck Talia, reach the top (& ring your Dad)
anonymous200 GBPGo Talia Go
Mozelle Onnie20 GBPGood luck Talia
Liz & Meir Porat50 GBPAn absolutely incredible thing to be doing. Well done Talia and the very best of luck. Xxx
jane sofer72 GBPWow!!That is quite an proud of you. What a great charity to support we are with you in spirit all the way!! Much love xxxxx
John Wittenberg100 GBPWe are full of admiration for you
Simon & Leigh50 GBPGood luck Talia !
Racheli kaye36 GBPAmazing! Best of luck!
Joel & Shosh Greenwood500 GBPGo Tals - we are so proud of you!!
Mandy Berkman36 GBPGood luck Talia! From the Berkmans
Matthew Jackson50 GBPamazing. Have an incredible time
The Cregors50 GBPGood luck Talia x
anonymous100 GBPGood luck Talia
Marion Posen25 GBPGood luck Talia - hope you reach your goal !!!
Angela & Perry Dowell50 GBPA tough climb but well worth the effort! Good luck Talia XXX
Warwick Marchant2000 GBPAmazing Tals- smash it……and remember to call me from the top