Climb Kilimanjaro for SHALVA
Climb 4 SHALVA

Dov Goldberg

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My Fundraising Goal: 12,500 CAD
Total Raised To Date: 12,502 CAD
Exceeded my goal by: 2 CAD

I am honoured to have the opportunity to do something special for Shalva. While touring Israel, my wife and daughter had the opportunity to visit Shalva. They were blown away with the programmes, the building layout and decor, and the general feeling of joy that permeated the whole visit. We are now regular donors. This trip gives me the opportunity to do more, not just by collecting donations, but also publicizing Shalva in the process.

On a personal note, I am looking forward to this immense challenge of the climb and thank you for the support in this endeavour.

All Sponsors:
anonymous1470 CADgo Dov Go!
anonymous36 CAD
irene tammadge50 CADgood luck
Jeremy Weitz540 CAD
John and Christine Tammadge250 CADWish you every success in the climb and raising funds for a great cause
Alan and Tina Lax36 CADHatzlacha Rabah
Ilana Pister72 USDKol hakavod!!
Vicki McArthur100 CAD
Jane Goldberg2500 CADClimbing Kili is so awesome! 2 weeks without you.....priceless!!
Mayer and Elaine Bernstein50 CADGood luck. We are proud of you.
Mayer and Elaine Bernstein50 CADGood luck. We are proud of you.
Ken and Faye Stollon120 CADBe careful!!!
Gideon Blinick100 CADOnwards and upwards!
morty shapiro180 CADyasher koach!!
SAMUEL GOLDBERG500 CAD!בהצלחה In loving memory of Robyn Newman. Sheryl & Sam
Judy & George Pister120 CADMuch hatzlacha on this incredible climb!
Gilad Rosenzweig36 USD
SHOLOM EISENSTAT36 CADOnward and Upward!!
steve rawlinson100 CADGet training!!
Frank and Karen Ander360 CADB'hatzlacha!
Aaron Katchen100 CAD
Aaron Katchen100 CAD
Jonathan Lebi36 CADMazel tov and good luck.
anonymous50 CADHave funs!
Heather & Len Janke100 CADGood luck!
anonymous100 CADI have always seen you as a towering figure. Now you are going even higher!
anonymous72 CAD
Paul and Esther Bergman54 CADDov, you never cease to amaze us. What a great cause and exciting adventure.
Arron Eisen36 CADHappy to support you on this important cause!
anonymous100 CADVery inspiring Dov. Have fun!
Dwayne Anius100 CAD
Mimi & Byron Shore72 CADGreat Cause - Good Luck & Enjoy
Judy Litwack-Goldman180 CADGreat cause! Wish you much success on this special journey.
Dora Litwack118 CADYasher Koach, Dov! I'm happy to sponsor you for such a good cause.
Allan and Tova Gutenberg1000 CADGood luck Dov on this worthy endeavour.
Ruby & Saul Judelman100 CADGreat cause!
anonymous100 CADSwahili is available on Duo!
anonymous118 CADWOW - so impressed. Good luck!
anonymous36 CADYasher Koach for taking on this endeavour, and for such a great cause! Hatzlacha raba!
anonymous100 CADA great adventure for a great cause
anonymous100 CADA great adventure for a great cause
anonymous100 CADA great adventure for a great cause
Yaffa & Barry Gang180 CAD
Andrea Parker Simhon180 CADEnjoy the adventure!
Andria and Joel Eisen200 CADYay Dov! Wishing you much success as you climb to new heights!
Ira Walfish72 CADYasher Koach that you are doing this to help Shalva!!
Harvey Mincer180 CADMay you continue to reach new heights with ever endeavour you undertake. Yasher Koach! Love, Maggie and Harvey
Ken and Bev Tammadge500 CADIncredible adventure for a great cause
Sarah Sherman72 CADWishing you much hatslacha!
anonymous500 CADSounds great! Enjoy.
anonymous500 CADWhat a tremendous adventure!
anonymous300 CADAn exciting opportunity for an amazing cause! You can do it!
anonymous300 CADSo inspiring that you are doing this climb for Shalva!