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My Fundraising Goal: 30,000 ILS
Total Raised To Date: 6,331 ILS
Remaining: 23,669 ILS

Last May I had the special opportunity to travel to Morocco with Shalva to climb the Atlas Mountains for this amazing organization. It was an extremely personal challenge, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I am forever thankful to Shalva for providing me with the opportunity to join together my loves for Chesed and Adventure. This year, I am excited to take my relationship and journey with Shalva to the next level. Shalva is the most special place, continuously going beyond the call of duty. Outside of the services and care they provide for families and children with special needs, they have created a home and safe haven with unlimited resources and opportunities in the center of Jerusalem. I am proud to support Shalva and be a part of the life-changing work they do. Please support me in reaching my goal!

All Sponsors:
Rachel Mehlman100 USDProud of you shlom!!!!!!!!
Ari Shainfield18 GBP Shout Hakuna Matata from the roof of Africa
Ari & Rachel Cymbalista180 USDWe are so proud of you! Don't forget toilet paper.
JennA Salner36 USDSo proud!!
Alexander Lass36 USD!!!
Ari Shainfield18 GBPSummit the world... you can reach heights!
Robert spitz100 USDgreat organization good luck!
Sarah and Moise Javedanfar18 USDYou're gonna kill it!!!
Malka and Dov Cymbalista360 ILSMay you always attain new heights
Gabi Kobrin350 ILSGood luck!
anonymous180 USDGood luck!!!
anonymous1000 ILS
Roy Balle100 ILSGo Shlomit Go!!!
Ari Shainfield18 GBPClimb to the skies and reach for the stars, you deserve it!
Laurel Dorfman180 ILSGood for you!
anonymous750 ILS
Shira Woolf100 ILSYou go girl! Send pics!
Aviad Buskila100 ILSYou go regulate that mountain top shlolo!
Keren Nachmias 250 ILSYou go girl!
Pam and Jeff Bernstein36 USDWe are so proud of you!
Ellen Dayan50 CADYou go girl
anonymous360 ILS