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Joseph Strobel

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My Fundraising Goal: 10,000 USD
Total Raised To Date: 9,667 USD
Remaining: 333 USD

Dear Friends,

On February 16, 2020, together with my dad and David Arbit, I will be participating in an exciting fundraising hike unlike any other personal or physical challenge that we have ever faced: we will be ascending the 19,400 foot summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

We are embarking on this tremendous expedition in an effort to raise money for Shalva, a non-denominational outpatient center in Jerusalem, that provides services to children with disabilities and their families. As we climb in the dark and cold to the final summit, we will try to
place ourselves in the shoes of the families that Shalva serves. We wonder, what would our lives be like if we had a child with disabilities? The more we learn about Shalva and their extensive programs, the more we want to link our own short-term personal challenges with the life-long challenges that Shalva families face. Please learn more about Shalva here. Please also see a fact sheet about the services that Shalva provides attached to this email.

Over the last several months of training I have asked myself why I am doing this?
I’ve come to realize that it is to show myself that I can achieve the untrainable and can go not just one, but ten days without showering or, even sleep in a tent! Most questions that come my way denote “why would you do that bro? No way you are going to get to that goal.” However, after much consideration, I realized that not everyone gets an opportunity to ascend the tallest mountain of a continent, and raise money for a cause that is so great such as this one. Every person has the potential to reach any height that he or she strives for in life. Hopefully this will teach me and inspire others that one’s potential has no bounds.

We hope to have a unique Shabbat experience near the summit, where we will enjoy a day of prayer, learning (“Dof Yomi:Tractate in Tanzania!”), and also of rest and altitude acclimation prior to our final push to the summit. “Kiddish on Kilimanjaro” will be particularly fun!

We hope that you will join me in supporting Shalva. Please visit for a direct link for donations.

If you would like your company to sponsor us, we would be happy to carry your company’s banner or flag to the top of Kilimanjaro and take a picture alongside a Shalva banner. Donations can be made through a 501(c)(3) through American Friends of Shalva.

We look forward to a successful climb and we thank you for your support!!

Some donation ideas for you:

$180 - We will take a picture on the summit holding up a picture of you or your business card
$200 - We will bring back a rock from the top of the mountain for you
$360 - Sponsor “Daf Yomi in Tanzania”
$360 - Sponsor “Kiddush on Kilimanjaro”
$500 - We will wear your used socks
$2,000 - We will take a picture on the summit holding your company’s banner or flag
$36 - We will smile and think about you when I make it to the top!

With great appreciation,
Joey Strobel

All Sponsors:
Cathy and Allan Weiss360 USD
Joseph L. Goldman180 USDEsah Eynai El Heharim! Kol Hakavod Joey & Ron. Gail, Joey, Neil, Daniel & Michael Goldman
Yali Margalit 50 USDGood luck Joey! -Sammy and the fam
William Ferer100 USD
Caron and Michael Strulowitz100 USD
Anne and Jerry Gontownik180 USD
Josh and Sarah Strobel200 USDLove you Joey ! Mazel tov
Kenneth Rosenzweig60 USD
Ruth and Edward Lubat60 USD
Cookie and David Fishel500 USDGood luck with your climb!
Rice Family120 USDGood luck!
Jessica Bersson56 USDGood luck with the climb!
Phyllis and Marrick Kukin100 USDDear Joey, We are so proud of this most ambitious endeavor you and your dad are undertaking for a beautiful cause. May you be blessed with good walking shoes! Have a safe and fun climb. Sending all our love, Phyllis and Marrick Kukin
Valerie Finkel50 USDGo for it! We are so excited for you and your team! Chava and Mark Finkel
anonymous1000 USDHatzlacha Rabbah! You guys are an inspiration to all of us down below
Cherie & Steven Starkman180 USDStay safe. We are proud of you.
Peggy Danishefsky360 USDJoey, we are so impressed! We know you do everything you set your mind to. And Shalva is so lucky to have you on their team! Peggy, Philip, Julius, Leo, Georgia and Gucci
anonymous200 USDWhen the climbing gets tough, think about the girls you met at the Pod.
Alex Hernandez125 USDJoey, wish you all the best on this challenge and worthwhile cause! Best of luck! Alex
Debbie and Michael Gottlieb180 USDSuch a wonderful thing to do together with your Dad…wishing you both good luck!!
Bella, Elliot, & Max Mayerhoff136 USDGood Luck! So proud of you guys!
Caron and Michael Strulowitz200 USDSo proud of you, Joey and Ron!
Adrienne and David Greenblatt 180 USDWay to go Joey and Ron!! We are very proud of both of you.
Susan & Kenny Greif250 USDGood luck!!!
anonymous100 USD
anonymous100 USD
Nathan Schleifer54 USDB'Hatzlacha, Joey!
GERARDO YABLONOVICH180 USDSo proud of you and your Dad. Good Luck.
David Kaplan50 USDGood luck on your climb. Great cause
anonymous45 USD
jacqueline and steven herman180 USDambitious! great cause, be careful, praying and thinking of you
anonymous180 USD
Jerry and Anne Gontownik180 USDIn honor of Joey Strobel climbing Kilimanjaro
Lauren, Alex, & Moshe Shoenfeld136 USDGo Joey & Ron! -Lauren, Alex, and Moshe Shoenfeld
Steven and Eileen David100 USDAmazing! Good luck (and help your dad up the hill!!!)
Helene Shoenfeld180 USDWhat an impressive endeavor. Helene and Elliott Shoenfeld
Jonathan “Yosef” Agus500 USDGreat cause!! Go Ron go Joey !!! Much love the Agus’
Heidi & Joe Leifer 180 USDWay to go Joey!!
Susan & Bob Kohlhagen180 USDKeep an eye on you father! We need him to keep us all healthy! You are an inspiration and a great role model! Tizku L'mitzvot.
carol buchman-krutiansky300 USDThe whole Krutiansky family is so proud of you !
Careena Parker180 USDGo Joey Go! We are are involved with and love the work that Shalva does and are so proud to partner with you in doing more for them! (Also, Jenna is working there this year!) Good luck training! Careena & Drew
Joseph Galanti50 USDGood luck, Joey! Take care of your dad for us! - Regine and Yosef
The Dubitskys of Teaneck100 USDReach great heights, Joey!
Rachel Sopher360 USDGo Joey! Rooting for you!!
Daniel Straus1000 USDGood Luck!!
Barbara and Jonathan Blinken180 USDJoey and Ron, What a tremendous act of kindness for the kids of Shalva! We are so proud of you.. GOOD LUCK!!
Marcelle Appel Agus50 USDWishing lots of good luck to you and your team! May you reach great heights, in safety! Kol Hakovod!
Brett Krutiansky100 USDGood luck and have fun!
Josh Korman75 USD