Climb Kilimanjaro for SHALVA
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Vered Benchetrit

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My Fundraising Goal: 12,500 CAD
Total Raised To Date: 12,500 CAD
Remaining: 0 CAD

I fell in love with Shalva and their mission when I first heard the Shalva Band at an event in Toronto. Their voices were mesmerizing and it was an experience that I will never forget. It represented so many beautiful values to me and I loved that individuals were being included through music, one of my greatest passions. It truly encompassed what Shalva stands for- Inspiring Hope. Changing Lives.

The opportunity to join the Climb came up and I am so excited that I can take part in this year's challenge for an incredible organization.

All Sponsors:
anonymous30 CADThis is from Kayla L. - go Vered!!
anonymous180 CADGood luck Vered!
anonymous36 CAD
anonymous10 USDLots of luck!
anonymous36 CADGoodluck from Miami! xoxo
anonymous36 CADMazel Tov!!!!!
Keri Roth50 CADWay to go! Higher and Higher.
Sandy Brudner 180 ILSBhatzlacha
Naomi Lidsky36 CADYou are inspirational! Good luck!
anonymous36 CADGood Luck V. Love you !
anonymous18 USDAmazing V!! Can’t wait to hear about it!
Sam Goodman18 CADYou're awesome!!
anonymous180 CADGood luck!!!!
anonymous50 CADYou got this!
Aviva Sigler 180 CADGood luck Vered
anonymous36 CAD
Chayie Kohn180 CADGood luck!!
Jillian Perlis18 CADMazel Tov Vered!!!
Shifra Dominitz180 CAD
Ariel F100 CADKeep moving one step in front of the other: before you know it, you're almost at the peak!
anonymous125 USD
Ilana Rabinowitz 50 CAD
Tali Rabinowitz 36 CADGood Luck Vered!! You’re amazing! You’re gonna rock this!
Rosalie Steinfeld 36 CADEnjoy the view! So excited for you
anonymous36 CADCompletely anonymous. In honor of, Koshe Mopstick
anonymous180 CAD
Beverley Benia180 CADSo proud of you Vered! Nothing is going to stop you from reaching your goal. You go girl!!
Elianne Koschitzky 72 CADGood luck!
Michael and Yael Lipson50 CADKeep up the great work!
Aaron Benia18 CADAmazing cause and good luck Vered!
Daniel Ostro36 CAD
Joshua Salmon18 CADWay to go
Dina Weltman110 CADAmazing job!!
Dina Weltman360 CADSo proud of you!!
Sarah Koval54 CADAmazing! Kol Hakavod!
Sarah Koval54 CADAmazing! Kol Hakavod!
Dina Weltman360 USDSo proud of you!!
anonymous50 CADSafe Travels
Dianna VATURI 72 CADTizku le mitzvos
Naomi Tenenbaum100 CADKol Hakavod, Vered! Good luck and have fun!!
Rachel Cappe118 CADGood luck!
Chayala Bistricer180 CADAmazing effort!
anonymous100 USD
daniella SILVER118 CAD
anonymous54 CAD
Allison Haziza18 CAD
anonymous18 CADMove one foot in front of the other :)
Jennifer Fink118 CADGood Luck!
Patti & Charles Dolman54 CAD
Jian Magen36 CAD
Alizah Benchetrit100 CADGood luck!!!
malcolm levine18 CADHatzlacha Rabba Vered
Galya Ouanounou180 CADHatzlacha!
Alan Domb36 CADWishing you much success! Kol HaKavod!
anonymous180 CADGood Luck!!
anonymous25 CADGood luck!!
Zev Zlotnick100 CAD
tami rutman50 CADamazing, Best of Luck!
Faigie Grunwald180 CAD
Rachel Gislason 54 CADGo Vered!!
anonymous36 CADKol Hakavod, Vered!
Sarit Steinfeld75 CADYou're amazing! Such a great cause and awesome adventure:)
Sari Spiro36 CADGood for you!
Shira Schwartz36 CADYou're amazing!! #rockingkili
joshua cohen75 USD
Naomi Levinson54 CADAmazing Vered!
Arielle Schlesinger350 ILS
Hadassa Pertman54 CADKol hakavod!
Jacob Shiff36 USDGood luck and keep up the great work!
Diana Pik18 CADGood luck Vered!
anonymous54 CAD
anonymous18 CAD
Dafna Dishy54 CAD
Daniella Greenspan54 CADKol Hakavod!
anonymous3050 CAD
anonymous3280 CAD