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David Arbit

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My Fundraising Goal: 10,000 USD
Total Raised To Date: 5,726 USD
Remaining: 4,274 USD

As I climb in the dark and cold to the final 19,400 foot summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, I will focus on my family's many blessings and will place myself in the shoes of the families that Shalva serves. I wonder, what would my life be like if I had a child with disabilities? The more I learn about Shalva and their extensive programs, the more I want to link my own short-term personal challenge with the life-long challenges that Shalva families face. I look forward to a successful climb and I thank you for your support!!
David Arbit
Englewood, New Jersey

All Sponsors:
Mark Wertenteil100 USDDavid, When you reach the summit and touch the heavens, put in a good word for all of us down here. Hatzlachah ! Ilana & Moshe Wertenteil
Dawna Levenson180 USDSafe journey David - you are a true inspiration !
Steven and Eileen Dvid100 USDthink OXYGEN!! Enjoy and good luck!
Esther Perl 36 USDGo Team Englewood! Best of luck for a safe climb for a great cause!
Alyssa Wilk360 USDWe’re so proud of you Dr Arbit!! Climb David! Climb! Alyssa, Ira, Xander & Cooper
Daniel Straus1000 USDGood Luck!!
Martha & Paul Resnick18 USDGreat seeing you at the JCC and hearing about this adventure. Kol HaKavod.
Beth and Steve Margolin500 USDWishing you a safe and rewarding journey!
Peter Schwartz180 USDYou're an inspiration David. Reach for the summit, but take care of yourself.
anonymous500 USDDavid you are an incredible inspiration! Xxx Dalia and Joseph
Polly & Gabriel Bousbib180 USDKol Hakavod!
Arthur Brenner180 USDAscend--physically, spiritually, happily and healthily.
Leora and Dov Abramowitz360 ILSWay to go David!
Orly and Issy Daniell360 USDGood Luck David
Michaela & Jonathan Lehr180 USDBest wishes! Hope you have a l'chaim during 'Kiddish on Kilimanjaro' in our honor :)
anonymous180 USDWhat a remarkable undertaking! Our best wishes to you. We will be thinking of you every day.
Yossi and Frimmy Hirsch180 USDMay you always ascend to great heights!! Yossi and Frimmy Hirsch
lisa fogel180 USDDear David, Awesome and what a dream... Good luck to you finishing the climb and making it down. Can't wait to hear all about it! Best, Lisa, Tony Sarah, Samuel and Yaakov
Dana & Eric Sichel180 USDWhat a fantastic endeavor -- combining adventure with chesed. We are with you in spirit.
Sheila Resnick360 USDDavid, Kol Hakavod! Jon and I can't wait to see pictures and hear the stories about this incredible experience.
ruth levi200 USDGood luck from a fellow, former Kili climber. Ruthie & Bob (guess which of us did the climb :) )
Rachel Arbit108 USDWe are cheering you on! Can't wait to see all of the incredible pictures! As you say that your son says that you say, "Travails with Tribulations Terminate Triumphantly."
Susie & Mark Charendoff360 USDTo our intrepid friend David! No mountain too high for you! You are an inspiration!