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My Fundraising Goal: 10,000 USD
Total Raised To Date: 8,394 USD
Remaining: 1,606 USD

On February 16, 2020 my son Joey and I will be participating in an exciting fundraising hike unlike any other personal or mental challenge we have ever faced: we will be ascending the 19,400 foot summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

We are embarking on this tremendous expedition in an effort to raise money for Shalva, a non-denominational outpatient center in Jerusalem that provides services to children with disabilities and their families. As we climb in the dark and cold to the final summit, we will focus on our family's many blessings and will try to place ourselves in the shoes of the families that Shalva serves. We wonder, what would my life be like if we had a child or sibling with disabilities?

The more we learn about Shalva and their extensive programs, the more we want to link our own short-term personal challenge with the life-long challenges that Shalva families face.

Many have wondered what has motivated me to accept such a crazy challenge. The answer is threefold: First, I recently turned 60 and have “one good push" left in me. Second, I need to keep growing in physical ability and in my work on behalf of others. Finally,I need to replace the memory of my pathetic limping across the NYC marathon finish line a few years ago which is currently at the top of my ‘stupidest thing I’ve ever done’ list.

Joey and I will be joined by my friend David Arbit as well. I hope that you will join Joey and me in supporting Shalva. If you would like your company to sponsor us, we would be happy to carry your company’s banner or flag to the top of Kilimanjaro and will provide a picture alongside a Shalva banner and of course, David, Joey, and myself.

We look forward to a successful climb and we thank you for your support!!

All Sponsors:
Tani & Soli Foger54 USDKol Hakavod Ron and Joey. What an amazing experience and an inspiring cause! You guys are awesome!!
Dave Scharf180 USDGood luck Ron and Joey!
David Eidman 180 USDIncredible, Ron! Bayside Strong!
James Schwalbe360 USDKol Hakavod to you both-- safe travels and have a great time
Shimmy Engelhardt180 USDהצלחה רבה
Steven and Eileen David100 USDwanna see you is shul with the oxygen deprivation mask!
Esther & Paul Lerer250 USDTo the amazing Ron & Joey, WOW!!! Wishing you both the best of luck as you climb to the summit and "into thin air!" We know it will be extraordinary and life changing. We're so immensely proud of you both cherish our friendship, and of the wonderful work of SHALVA. Fondly, Esther & Paul
Susan & Bob kohlhagen180 USDYour making the rest of us look lazy and I will do my part to help you look even better! Ya'asher koach! Tizku l'mitzvot!
Michael Gribetz180 USDCounting on you to reach great heights Rhonda and Michael Gribetz
Kenneth Prager100 USDTo my tennis partner, with much admiration
carol buchman-krutiansky200 USDthe whole krutiansky family is rooting for you
irene Weiss500 USDGod luck to you and your son. Irene and Harry
anonymous1000 USDGood luck on the climb! Kol Hakavod!! Jerry and Zev
sharon and sol merkin360 USDwe so impressed that you and joey are climbing. we'd like to sponsor your kiddush in honor of isaac's birthday. we cant wait to hear all about it.
David Solowiejczyk180 USDWhat an amazing goal! Hope to follow in ur path. Enjoy every minute. Dave and ivy
Barbara Harris100 USDYou can do this! I have faith. But I don’t recommend a typical englewood kiddish above 14k feet (and you’re not really supposed to take any rocks from the summit...but I won’t tell)! Good luck on your journey. Great cause. (And contact me if you want encouragement that mere mortals can do this climb!)
Karen Sonneberg36 USDGood luck!
Barry & Melanie Zingler180 USDHave fun and be safe!
Larry Cohen180 USDGood luck Ron! It will be an amazing experience for a wonderful cause. Larry and MB
Daniel Straus1000 USDGood Luck!!
isaac applbaum2000 USD
Gabriel & Polly Bousbib180 USDKol Hakavod!
Jeffrey Matican180 USDGood Luck on this worthy cause!
Jacob Burgida180 USDKol Hakavod - best of luck!
Norman Hirsch200 USDGo Ron and Joey! Norman and Ann
Kirk Levy100 USDKol ha kavod for participating in such a worthy cause!
Steven Berger54 USDChazak ve’ematz. Kol hakavod