Climb Kilimanjaro for SHALVA
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Devora Mason

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My Fundraising Goal: 30,000 ILS
Total Raised To Date: 0 ILS
Remaining: 30,000 ILS

I have been running for Shalva since 2010 and I love to be able to give back to Shalva as I run the hills of Jerusalem. But now I am taking my challenge even further as I climb the hills of Mt. Kilimanjaro. This is a challenge like no other for me and I am excited to be doing it for this special and worthwhile cause.
As part of my fundraising campaign, I will be open to fundraising challenges so please feel free to contact me and suggest a challenge in exchange for your support.
To all the dreamers, innovators, creators and explorers and to all the single parents out there climbing insurmountable hills each and every day. I salute you all. This is for you.

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