Climb Kilimanjaro for SHALVA
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Grace Mizrachi

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My Fundraising Goal: 11,000 USD
Total Raised To Date: 10,001 USD
Remaining: 999 USD

My name is Grace Mizrachi and I am honored and humbled to be able to participate in the SHALVA charity hike of Mt. Kilimanjaro 2020.
I've always been passionate about hiking, and I believe that a close and personal connection with nature is the only way to live a truly balanced life. This earth that God created is beautiful, and we should take every opportunity we can to engage with it!
Shalva is an amazing organization whose services help thousands of families in need across Israel. The opportunity to combine hessed with my passion for hiking is a rare opportunity and I am so excited to be able to use my love of the outdoors to help families in need. I hope to represent my community and this amazing organization, and God-willing to succeed with your help! Thank you so much for your donation!

All Sponsors:
Lenore and Morris Cohen100 USD
Sutton Home Fashions LLC250 USD
Murray Mizrachi500 USD
Eli Mamiye100 USD
Sharon and Eli Sabbagh50 USD
Grace Mizrahi475 USD
Leah and David Harari301 USD
Joyce Dweck36 USDGood luck!!
Isaac M. Sutton 100 USDAwesome
anonymous36 USDCrush It G
Sammy and Susan Anteby201 USD
Eddie E30 USD
anonymous250 USD
ely harary180 USDGood luck and Tzkeh leMitzvot!!
anonymous252 USDI'll still be proud of you, especially if you DON'T climb.
Yossy Lebovits 36 USDIn honor of grace
Abie Tawil52 USD
Sarah Idy52 USDDon't Fall!
David Idy102 USDBring me back a rock!
Juni Idy201 USDSo proud! Good Luck!
Jay Weitzman360 USD
Alex Schneider52 USDSo proud of you! Good luck!
anonymous201 USD
anonymous100 USD
edward cohen101 USD
Bernie Hafif52 USDGood luck!
Albert Matalon152 USD
Abraham Rudy201 USDSuper jel. Good luck!
Murray Mizrachi 52 USDGood Luck
David & Helen Gindi301 USD
Eli Harari101 USD
Alfred & Paula Smouha401 USDGreat cause. Good luck
anonymous20 USDGood luck!!
robert richter101 USDSo proud of you!
Sari Sitt 50 USDYou can do it!
Eli and Monique Benun200 USD
Lori and Eddie Mizrachi252 USD
Jeffrey Znaty125 USDAmazing grace !
anonymous36 USDGood luck Grace!! <3
anonymous20 USD
Deborah Dweck100 USDWooo !!! Good luck Grace!
Jack J. Gindi180 USDbest of luck!
Grace Mizrachi124 USD
Elliot J Dabah180 USDGood luck!!!!
anonymous18 USDGood luck on the climb and in everything that you do!!!!
Linda Maleh100 USDGood luck Grace! What a great cause!
Steven Dwek36 USDAll the power to you and I'd like to hear about it afterward.
anonymous200 USD
Irving Safdieh101 USDGood luck, Tehila!
Grace Mizrachi2000 USD
Tiffany Shabat100 USDGood luck in all your endeavors. Have a great hike
joseph mizrachi500 USD