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My Fundraising Goal: 15,000 USD
Total Raised To Date: 13,740 USD
Remaining: 1,260 USD

We all have mountains that we must climb in our lives, mostly figuratively. I am planning to climb one literally. In mid-October I will be traveling i”yh to Tanzania (Africa) to attempt to summit Mount Kilimanjaro at 19,340 feet. This will mean trekking upward for eight days in increasingly thin air through five different climate zones (starting in a steamy rain forest and ending at the frozen summit), sleeping on the mountain in a tent for eight nights, and yes, spending a Shabbat at almost 13,000 feet. I will be doing this as part of a fund-raiser for a very special organization, Shalva, located in Jerusalem.

To do this was not an easy decision. After my friend Bernie suggested that I consider joining him, I struggled for about six months before finally committing. Yes, many (mostly younger) folks have done it before but just the same it’s not your proverbial “walk in the park”, and I received a few “I think you’d be nuts” comments from friends. It involves dealing with visas and vaccines, and a large commitment of time and resources for training and gear. That guy you might have seen walking up and down Palisade Avenue in a baseball cap, with hiking boots and a backpack was me. My morning Starbucks run has gone from a drive to a hike and, going in the opposite direction, I’ve been a regular visitor to the Englewood boat basin at the Hudson River. Some of you know that my thing is swimming. In my 25 years (really?) in Englewood, I must have been to the JCC pool close to three thousand times, but only poked my head into the gym maybe twice. But lately I’ve been a Stairmaster star and a TRX jockey. (Thanks to the B&B boys, Bang and Blinken, for suggestions and encouragement.)

But you know what, now that I have committed and started training I get more excited every day about voluntarily taking on this challenge to support the individuals at Shalva who face challenges every day that they did not choose voluntarily.

I know many of you are already familiar with Shalva. For those who aren’t, here is a brief description excerpted from their website,
“Shalva provides an all-encompassing range of services for 2,000 individuals with disabilities from infancy to adulthood and their families. On an ongoing basis, Shalva’s programs offer a host of therapies, inclusive educational frameworks, sports and wellness, recreational activities, as well as respite and family support. Shalva’s programs are non-denominational and provided free of charge to ensure equal opportunity regardless of religion, background, or financial capability.”

Shalva was founded by Malki and Kalman Samuels based on their own experience of raising their son Yossi who was left blind and deaf due a faulty vaccination. You can read their truly inspiring story on the Shalva website.

Although I have not personally been to the Shalva campus, I have heard from several folks who have that it is a really incredible facility, where individuals with special needs can participate in joyful and life-affirming activities that we all take for granted, but that would not otherwise be available to them.

As is obvious, Shalva helps individuals and their families “climb mountains” and so it seems appropriate to climb a mountain to help Shalva. I am therefore asking for your financial support for Shalva to continue their good works, and for “chizzuk” for me for when the going gets tough, by sponsoring my climb.
With much gratitude,
Fred Weinberger

All Sponsors:
Seth Gerszberg360 USD
David Trachtenberg180 USD
michael Kazer100 USDFred, we are so proud of you. I can't wait to hear the stories you will tell about the climb.
Miriam stiefel100 USDMArvin & I are very proud of your amazing climb-Congrats!
Fred Weinberger1000 USDWith thanks to all who have or will contribute. Let[s hit my new goal of $15,0000
noam sokolow217 USDwish i could do it when i reach your age!
Louis Hammer100 USD
Jehoshua & Judith Scharf120 USDIt's after the HIGH HOLIDAYS but you are heading for a new HIGH - B'Hatzlacha
Paul Hilbert180 USDGood Luck Fred
Melvin Silberklang100 USDIt should be no harder than doing 20 hikes in a row in the White Mountains
Arthur and Phyllis Rosenbaum250 USD
William Ferer360 USDGood Luck!
Nader Bolour200 USD
Chaim and Deborah Freund500 USD
Lee Lasher500 USD
Jay Tassler18 USD
michael gribetz100 USDKol Hakavod
Kenneth and Stacey Rosenzweig100 USD
Adele and Lawrence Diener180 USD
Ruth and David Wertentheil180 USD
David Paz360 USD
Elliot Henslovitz100 USDWishing you the best of luck.
Neil & Melissa Bane360 USDFred: Yasher Koach on this amazing effort. Climb well and keep smiling.
Larry Cohen200 USDGood luck Fred!
William and Marion Weiss250 USD
Mark and Chava Finkel180 USD
George and Frances Aaron360 USD
Marc Schwartz100 USDWhat some people will do just to get an aliyah and bentch gomel......
Paulette Simon36 USDHatzlacha Raba on this great adventure.
ronald strobel180 USD
Reuven and Ruchie Grossman100 USD
Rick and Julie Lobel500 USD
Baroukh Sasouness180 USD
Abraham (Avi) Grossman360 USD
Ed Lubat100 USDGo for it, yasher koach!
Andrew Levy360 USD
Polly & Gabriel Bousbib180 USD
James Schwalbe360 USDKol Hakavod Fred-- good luck!
Michael Gottlieb180 USDGood luck, Fred!
Harry J Reidler1000 USDLove You Fred. Climb that Mountain!
chaim Fromowitz180 USDMay you go maala maala.
anonymous54 USDa great cause and journey - yasher koach Fred!
anonymous54 USDBest of luck. Tizke L'mitzvot and please be careful!
Charles Moche101 USD
Avrohom Krull200 USDHigher and higher for great causes
Michele & Anthony Mammon500 USDFred, to put it politely I think you are crazy, but it's for a great cause so good luck. Don't forget to waive when you get to the top
Danny & Trana Freedman360 USDTizki L’Mitzvot!
Rodger Cohen180 USDGo Fred!
Jonathan Blinken180 USDAIM HIGH FRED!
Kim Bang360 USDOnward and upward...
Simeon Lifschitz180 USDDon't know if we should be encouraging you but have an amazing trip
Idit and Yosef Agus1000 USDGood luck on the climb. Great initiative and Shana Tova
anonymous100 USDGo, Fred!