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Yoheved Novogroder Shoshan

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My Fundraising Goal: 30,000 ILS
Total Raised To Date: 29,846 ILS
Remaining: 154 ILS

I'm Yoheved. I'm a mom to 4 fabulous kids (Amira, Yaakov, Yonit and Dov), wife to Yuri and a lawyer at a firm in Jerusalem. We've had a relationship with Shalva since 2002 and have seen the transformative work Shalva does with mentally and physically challenged kids and their families.

That's why I'm jumping in waaaaayyyyy outside of my comfort zone and undertaking this challenge to raise funds for Shalva. I'm training to scale Kilimanjaro, the highest free standing mountain in Africa (yikes!), knowing that what I’m doing requires a painfully small fraction of the investment and dedication these kids, their families and the committed Shalva staff and volunteers bring to the table every single day.

Thank you for your support!

All Sponsors:
Ezra Gross 180 ILSGo go Yoheved!
anonymous360 ILS
anonymous1960 ILS
Jocelyn Odenheimer500 ILS
anonymous500 USD
Nitzan Fisher Conforti180 ILSIn loving memory of my grandmother, Yehudit Fisher
Albert Ruback100 USD
Tamar Reinhard180 ILSYou go girl Kol hakavod Yocheved
anonymous36 USDDefinitely bumps you up to coolest cousin :) Go Yocheved!
Aliza Fischman25 USDGood luck, Yoheved! I've always looked up to you, now I'll have to look WAY up! Love you!
anonymous180 ILSGood Luck!
Joshua Shoshan100 USDGo for it, Yoheved!
Pnina Farkas200 ILSWishing you a wonderful and safe journey! In so many ways you are an inspiration - mostly generated from your profound inner strength and the positive energy of your smile . May this adventure be successful in all ways for you and for Shalva!
Jeremy Ament50 USDKol hakavod Yoheved!
Daniel Damboritz350 ILSSooooooooo jealous!!!!!!!
Chia Samson100 USDGood luck! Very proud -- and impressed!
Michael Novogrodr100 USDDear Yoheved, Thank you for all you are doing. We are so proud and love you. Kol hakavod. Love, Dad and Fayge
Hadley Baumol180 ILSHave an amazing climb!
Risa Schuman180 ILSWishing you a trip of a lifetime!! We'll be thinking of you.
anonymous180 USDCoolest cousin ever- go Yoheved go!
anonymous180 ILS
Simon Weintraub150 ILSGood luck!
Mireet Wolf250 ILSYou can do it Wonder Woman! Yasher Koach - Mireet
Doreet Freedman500 ILSSo proud of your courageous decision to climb Kilamanjaro and go beyond your comfort lebel while dedicating your climb to Shalva. You are one amazing woman! #gogirl #rockstarfriend
Shifra Waxman180 USDTo someone I've looked up to for forever - you have already summitted on all the important measures of life - we'll be cheering you on, step by step!!
Elana Fischberger50 USDWe are so proud of you, Yoheved!!! Way to go!!!!
Michael/Rena Friedman1000 USDDear Yoheved, We are delighted to support your effort on behalf of Shalva. We will be rooting you on from afar! Much love, Mom and Michael
Adina Samson250 ILSGood Luck!!!
anonymous180 ILSVery Impressed!
Tzipi Morris180 ILS
Robin and Joshua Rochlin180 USD
anonymous180 USD
Aviva Ramras36 USDWe are behind you all the way—figuratively speaking, of course :-) You hi girl: so proud of you! Love, SVCITA
Zahava Farbman180 USD
Yehoshua Halevi100 ILSClimb safely and enjoy!
anonymous54 USD
Rivka Epstein100 ILSMay the Force be with you
Kim Ephrat360 ILSKol Hakavod!! Looking forward to the pics!
David Kahn250 ILSGo Yoheved!!! You can do it!!!
Elisheva Leybovitch180 ILSSo cool you are doing it!
Michele Rubin118 USDWe are glad to support your exciting climb and want to hear all about it!
Yuri Shoshan2000 ILS
anonymous1800 ILSyou go, crazy lady! climb away!
Gittel Novogroder Hochster250 USDKol Hakavod to you, Yoheved, for your continued support of Shalva. We hope this will be an amazing experience for you. Love, Mom and Shimon
דורון תמיר1000 ILS
Yarom Romem360 ILS
Jenny and Elan Zivotofsky360 ILSGo Yoheved!!! Kol Hakavod!!!
Barak Platt360 ILS
Shira Teger500 ILSGo Yoheved!
שירי שחם500 ILSכל הכבוד ובהצלחה!
anonymous500 USDSo excited for you! What an experience, can't wait to hear about it PG over lunch in a few months... Thanks for helping support an organization so dear to my heart..
Robyn Samuels118 USDSh'koyach Yoheved! So awesome!
Barry Levenfeld360 ILS
לירון הכהן180 ILS
Miriam Friedmann250 ILSSo proud of you Yoheved!!
anonymous360 ILSYou go girl!
Mark Joffe 180 ILSThis is your 1st donation on the site. Work hard and good luck. See you on the mountain See you on the mountain