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My Fundraising Goal: 30,000 ILS
Total Raised To Date: 31,919 ILS
Exceeded my goal by: 1,919 ILS

1. Raising serious money for Shalva
2. Climbing Kilimanjaro
Shalva has always been on the edge of my consciousness for many years as I have heard the story of the Samuels family and the organization they founded, sustain , maintain and nurture.
Shalva was brought to the forefront of my consciousness five years ago when Chananya Javasky was born. He like many at Shalva was born with Downs Syndrome. I have known his mother Chaviva since she was two years old and I knew that many challenges awaited her and her husband Yumi and the entire extended family. I was so happy that a place like Shalva existed to provide services and a community for the Javaskys.
As I sat down with Chaviva late one evening in Jerusalem I was struck by her maturity her genuine smile and the gorgeous pictures of a happy smiling Chananya at Shalva.
These are some of the things Chaviva had to say about Shalva
" I feel a sense of relief when I enter the building,there is a positive energy in the place. Its insane they love my son so much!. There is something in the air , I have never had a bad experience there. My son receives Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Hydrotherapy, and a hot lunch ,all free of charge."
Climbing Kilimanjaro has always been a personal goal for me. I never had the opportunity time or push to do it. Until.. I got a random email to do the climb to raise money for Shalva!
That got me going and here I am getting ready to push my body to its limits. Climbing mountains and pushing through limtations setbacks and obstacles has always something I have admired and respected in the many people I have known in Toronto and in Efrat. My two hometowns!
As a family physician in Beitar, Israel I meet many people everyday that have to overcome challenges and illness and adversity. Many inspire me daily and it is their strength and their courage that will push me to the top of the mountain.

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Jerrold Hyman180 ILSWay to go, Gabrielle!!
Naomi Freudenberger 180 ILSSo excited for you!
Albert Ruback100 USD
דר איזבלה טולדנו200 ILS
anonymous100 ILS
Jeff and renana Klein180 ILSGreat cause! Good luck and enjoy! Love you!!
Jeremy Ament50 USDKol hakavod Gabrielle!
Yehoshua Seidenfeld180 ILSSo proud of this and all your chesed and accomplishments!
Elana Fischberger50 USDYay Gabrielle!!! So proud!
Daphna & Kevin Pearl180 ILSKol Hakavod! Best of luck on the climb!
Dara Ssker180 ILSYou got this girl! Can't wait to hear all about it!
Elisheva Klein200 ILSGood luck mommy!!! You are amazing!!!
Jackie & Benjy Gross180 ILSBehatzlacha!! Hope it's a wonderful experience!
gila niburg180 ILSבהצלחה רבה גבריאלה
Irwin and Nora Friedman360 USDGabrielle, quite a challenge, best of luck, love, Nora and Irwin
Sharon Mintz500 USDDear Gabrielle The Liberman sister's are cheering you on!
Tzvi and Dorit Schostak360 ILSKol - Hakavod!
Mary Noble100 USDYou can do it! We are proud of you! Mary and Hershel
Rabbi & Sarah Fishman52 CADB'hazlacha Gab! Kol Hakavod on this accomplishment and contribution to this worthy cause!
Josh Adler180 ILSShkoiyach! Enjoy!
dubi tsadik100 ILS
anonymous180 CAD
anonymous200 ILSGood luck Gabrielle. You are amazing!
Shlomo Klein150 USDGood luck mommy
Leah Bowman180 ILSBhatzlacha! You are always an inspiration!
Mitchell and Shelly Eichen1000 USDKol Hakavod Dr. Klein!!!! We are so proud of you!!! Come back safely - Shelly and Mitchell Eichen
Elad and Carmit Farber500 ILS
Arieh Breslev100 ILSWhat doesn't kill me makes me stronger. Nietzsche
Naomi & Ariel Zellman180 ILSGood luck mommy!!
Judit Blumenfrucht180 ILSWhat a great cause and what an exciting challenge amazing Gabrielle
David Kahn250 ILSYou can do it, Gab!! We're with you (down here...) every step of the way!
Shlomo Lazar250 ILSGabriel your amazing and inspire us all.
Chaya & Chaim Guggenheim500 ILSYou’re amazing! כה לחי!
Judy and David Katz250 ILS
Morris Rubin180 ILSGood luck - we rooting for you
Leora Bejell180 ILSKol Hakavod to you!
Dov Kesselman180 ILSTizku L'mitzvot Gabrielle!
Dina Stambler180 ILS
Ziv Zviel150 USDHazlaha !
Ariel and avital DORFMAN72 CAD
Judith Friedman Klein120 CADWishing you much success on your Killimanjaro climb. with love, Mommy.
Jenn and Elan Zivotofsky180 ILSKol Hakavod! Enjoy the climb!
Pnina and Barry Farkas360 ILSKol hakavod! You are a dreamer and a doer- may HaShem continue to give you strength and courage as you make the world a better place.
Karen Djemal1000 ILSYou arre amazing! Kol Hakavod
Pauline and Jeffrey Dorfman180 CAD
Robert Lederman1000 ILSGood Luck, You can do it.
Matt and Tzipi Morris 180 ILSGood luck!
Ari Greenspan180 ILS
warren and debbie kimel180 CAD
Tamara & Mordechai Klein-Shulman150 USDSending love and wishes for a successful climb for a wonderful cause!
Marcia and Jeff Shumacher50 CADWay to go!
anonymous180 USDGood luck. Your an inspiration to us all.
Daphna Grossman180 CADWishing you great success!!
Risa Schuman250 ILSGood luck on your climb. We'll be here rooting for you.
YISRAEL WIENER600 ILSWe are happy to be part of this mitzvah. Good luck. Israel & Avishag Wiener - Jerusalem
anonymous150 CADGood luck Gabrielle
Joel Atkin500 USD
Reuben Mandelcorn180 CADKeep up all your good works in good Health & Happiness
Red Development Real Estate1000 USDWe are all cheering you on and wishing you much success! The Red Team
Joe and Evelyn Mandel100 CADYou were always destined to do great things and of course you always succeed.Mom and Dad
anonymous1000 CAD
mark joffe180 ILSThis is your first donation on the site. Work hard and enjoy. See you on the mountain