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My Fundraising Goal: 115,001 ILS
Total Raised To Date: 94,830 ILS
Remaining: 20,171 ILS

"Paying it forward" is not just a catch phrase but a reality which represents my vision and life. This vision, as for many others, has changed during my 53 years of life as a result of events and none so special as surviving cancer.
The desire to survive for myself, my family and those dear to me contributed only half of my success story. I benefited from those who shared their expertise ,doctors and nurses,volunteers and other patients who became my role models. All have one thing in common- facing and overcoming challenges with care and encouragement .
So, it is clear that climbing Kilamanjaro for Shalva is an ideal way for me to face a challenge clearly out of my comfort zone(i) and in recognition of the care, expertise and encouragement that i enjoyed and those same qualities that Shalva provides each and every day for their children.
This climb, reaching the summit, testing my endurance and skills while facing both subjective and objective challenges are not such a far cry from the daily challenges of those special needs children and their families in Shalva who face their challenges on a daily basis with determination, compassion and optimism.
I welcome your sponsorship and support so that "paying it forward" becomes a reality for Shalva.
You can learn more about the amazing work done by Shalva at

All Sponsors:
Brodie Lieberman Insurance ran 550 ILSכל הכבוד
יחזקאל ברנהולץ 5001 ILSכל הכבוד
Mark Joffe for Greenstein S Joffe 500 ILSthis is in honour of the graduation of Gilad, Sami and Mellisa
MORRIS Strauss 360 ILSwell done
Hillel Horwitz 300 ILSKol Hakavod
Barry Zimmerman 1800 ILSWell done
Arthur Edelson 200 ILSWell done -
Gil Gross36 CAD
Deborah Zabow360 ILS
Cheryl Liebson 180 ILSKol hakavod Matk!!! You are an inspiration
Avril Tabachnik100 ILSKol Hakavod, Mark, you brave man!
Yair Weiss150 ILSAmazing challenge and well worth cause, good for you
Dov Yarden180 ILSYou're doing a great thing for a great organization. Kol Hakavod!
anonymous300 ILSGood luck
Brandon Bean360 ILSThe steps -the effort -the way - the journey Inspirational my friend
David Bagraim180 ILSGood luck!
Migdal Insurance Migdal 10000 ILSבהצלחה
Yoheved Novogroder180 ILSGood luck Mark! See you in Arusha!
avishay ben haim500 ILSkeep on rocking !!!
Steven and Valerie Greenstein 140 USDMay you achieve new heights
Jon and Diane Levinson18 USDKol HaKovod. It is a wonderful effort that you are making. Read Hemingway's story about Kiliminjaro
Dana Joffe200 ILSlove you, wish you good luck and take care!!
Minda Galon180 ILSHave a safe trip and a wonderful experience
Amit Marshanski2400 ILSבהצלחה
Dror Ronen180 ILSבהצלחה!
Sara Finn100 ILSWhat an amazing challenge!! Good luck Mark!!
Simon Anolick100 USDGreat job Mark for a great cause
Heather Simmons180 USDBest wishes and I hope your trip is even better than you expect. Much love.
Jonathan Keller360 ILSGood luck !!! Couldn't be doing it for a better cause :)
Aubrey Ginsberg500 ILSMark have a great and wonderful adventure
Simon Levinson200 ILSAn amazing adventure, awesome charity, looking forward to seeing some great photos!
Martin Goldberg150 ILSRemember Mark. What goes up, MUST come down. Stay safe!
Arik Ben yehuda 200 ILSGOOD LUCK. gO SLOWLY
anonymous180 ILSReach new heights!
anonymous1800 ILS
Adele Stewart-Busbib180 ILSVery impressed by your effort for a wonderful cause. Good luck
elana shap180 ILSGood luck Mark
Barry Cohen180 ILSBehatzlacha Mark.
Miri and Hilton Kangisser 500 ILSEnjoy the hill. Kol Hakavod
Karen Adler150 ILSWhat an amazing thing to do!
anonymous250 ILSGood for you and good luck
Mimi & Michael Banister 360 ILSGood luck Mark
Gabrielle Klein180 ILSSee you at the top of the mountain!
Ralph Hirschfeld360 ILSJust do it !
Shlomo Insurance5000 ILSבהצלחה!
LAZAROV HERSHKOVITZ180 ILSבהצלחה במבצע הנפלא!!! כל הכבוד.
anonymous500 ILSהרבה בהצלחה!!! תסע ותחזור בשלום ותהנה מהמסע!!
Daniel Ostroff180 ILSGood Luck Mark!
Ilan Chasen500 ILSWishing you much hatzlocha with this beautiful initiative!!
jonny saacks 500 ILSgood luck
anonymous500 ILSWith you all the way to the top!
Ruth Wood200 ILSGood luck Mark. Have a great trip.
Roslyn Graff500 ILSYou are a real inspiration Mark! Wishing you every success for this wonderful cause.
anonymous500 ILSHappy Climbing!
Alan fedler 300 ILSgo well- good luck
anonymous250 ILSEnjoy the wonderful experience while raising money for such a worthwhile cause. Travel safely and enjoy.
Sheri Folkman 1000 ILSKol Hakavod!
hila keren steinmetz180 ILSבהצלחה לך ולקבוצה! תהנה מכל רגע, גם מהחלקים הקשים. ותזכור להקשיב לעצמך, ואם צריך לעצור,עוצרים. עדיין המשימה מדהימה.מחכה לתמונות מהדרך!
Shirly Brumer180 ILSבהצלחה!!
Cyril & Norma Kaufman250 ILSGood for you Mark - Good luck and travel safely.
Alon Finn200 ILSHave a great experience.
Carol Serwator Lief100 USDImpressive accomplishment. Stay safe.
Maurice Alhadeff500 ILSGood luck in your venture honouring a worthy charity.
michal friedman+meirson sasha300 ILSבהצלחה בגיוס ובטיפוס! גאים בך ובכל אחד ואחת מכם.
Onnie Schiffmiller180 ILSMark, Kol HaKavod for taking on this project. You are doing such an incredible mitzvah!
Grant Crankshaw200 ILSGo for it Mark ~ Great job!
Gerry and Rita Levy 1000 ILSgood luck
Antony Greenstein100 USD
Hilton Damlin 250 ILSgood luck and safe climbing
anonymous100 USDKeep climbing, proud of you!
Philip Symon180 ILSFantastic Mark happy to be a small part of it
anonymous120 ILSכל הכבוד מרק, מצטרף לכל האיחולים
דיוויד שר500 ILSבהצלחה
naomi raful180 ILSyour friends at Ezer Mizion are rooting for you, loads of hatzlacha!
Gail and Maury Shapiro360 ILSWishing you all the best Mark-kol hakavod
Brenda korb 100 ILSgood luck
Yochi Eisner150 ILSLeave safely and return safely! Kol Hakavod Mark!
Diane Sendzul180 ILSReach for the sky and come back to earth safely.
Benny Goldhammer 200 ILSgood luck
Paul Roberts 100 ILSgood luck
anonymous1000 ILSWell Done and Good luck
Rani W.360 ILSGo For it!
Hagit Goldman300 ILS
Caren Peer 180 ILSgood luck. Enjoy the view from the top.
anonymous1800 ILSMark all the best enjoy
esther Joffe500 ILSVery proud of you Mark - good luck - will be
Roni Kohanim120 ILSStay safe and enjoy. Kol hakavod.
anonymous200 ILSGood luck
anat Shteinshleifer300 ILSבהצלחה, חבר יקר
David Collins50 GBPGood luck!
Melissa Nahshon180 ILSStay Safe and have a great Climb!!
Chiko Zekaria300 ILSבהצלחה
Alan Liferow120 ILSWe’re proud of you Mark
Vivienne Pinshow270 ILSWishing you the best of luck in this amazing challenge!
moshe lerner200 ILSKeep climbing
Pam Peled 180 ILSGood luck from Pam and the girls
Jonny Segal 500 ILSGood luck
Ann and Anthony Dorff100 ILSHave an amazing experience/
Kenny and Annette Greenblo500 ILSGood luck-wishing you a safe climb and wonderful experience
Shira & Eric Lewis100 USDGood luck and best wishes! The Lewis Family
anonymous3000 ILSwith you every step of the way cuz
mark joffe1800 ILSDonated by very generous freinds with amazing hearts in support of my Shalva Climb. Thank you all.
anonymous250 ILSgood luck and hatima tova
anonymous1000 ILSGood luck. Enjoy the challenge
Myra Levin 300 ILSGood luck and may g-d be with you every step. Love Myra
Alissa Fried Harbater180 ILSLooking forward to climbing with you!
mark joffe750 ILSdonated by a good friend to a worthy charity. Enjoy and respect the mountain. M.Saban
anonymous180 ILSBest of luck. Kol hakavod
anonymous1000 ILSfrom your friends at BD In appreciation for all the good work you do for us. Wish you good health and enjoy the climb
Lawrence Saacks500 ILSProud of you Mark. Enjoy the experience
Yaron Shamai1000 ILSבהצלחה
larry and shirley loewenthal360 USDWe wish you much success on your upcoming climb. Yasher Koach!!!
David Bach300 ILSGood luck. You are an inspiration to all
Cecil Bergman500 ILSThis is a fantastic project knowing especially what you have gone through to get here..reach for the stars
Len & Odelia Judes200 ILSGood luck Mark! Sorry I can't be there with you. Its a terrific challenge for great cause!
Samuel Simmons118 USDGood luck!
Hagay Barak180 ILSבהצלחה חבר!! כל הכבוד
Michal and Amichay Shlomy180 ILSGood luck Mark. Kol Hakavod.
Daniel and Merle Landsberger 360 ILSGood Luck and have a wonderful climb
Mia Levitt Frank250 ILSWishing you a wonderful experience
mark Joffe 1800 ILSShana tova and good climbing.
David Olsfanger 5000 ILSThank you for your work. Enjoy and good luck
Yakir lapid 250 ILSבהצלחה על ההר- תחזור שלום. שנה טובה
Atrinet LTD10500 ILSgood luck Mark !
Didier Beck 500 ILSMy Advice to you is important and remember 1. Ego stays in israel 2. Listen to your body 3. Most important to be alert coming down the mountain . Good luck
Steve g 500 ILSProud of you. wonderful cause. Enjoy every moment of the climb. Go safely and go at your pace
Neal Cohen 250 ILSgreat cause enjoy evry moment- Kol Hakavod
Harold Jankelowitz 250 ILSGo safely up and down the mountain Good luck
Joe and Melanie Cohen 500 ILSProud of you. Great cause.Travel safely
Alan and Shelly Fedler Fedler 200 ILSGo Well and enjoy the challenge
Dudi Soffer 1000 ILSבהצלחה - מטרה ראויה ביותר
Zvi Noy500 ILSGo!
David Joffe500 ILSGood Luck step by step all the way to the top.
Sue Joffe 500 ILSThe sky is the limit. Keep up the good work.Travel well and climb well. PROUD of you
david perlman 1000 ILSHave a wonderful experience. This is a great cause and enjoy
Sydney Joffe 500 ILS
anonymous1000 ILSwishing you a wonderful experience
anonymous360 ILSBest of luck to you, Mark! Positive thoughts and energy will enable you to accomplish anything and everything!