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My Fundraising Goal: 6,000 GBP
Total Raised To Date: 6,921 GBP
Exceeded my goal by: 921 GBP

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Many of you know I enjoy challenges both professionally and personally, so climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro the world's highest free standing mountain for the benefit of SHALVA, the Association for Mentally and Physically Challenged Children, that I am taking on this October, is a great fit for me.

My daughter was a volunteer at SHALVA last year, so I have seen first-hand what an incredible impact SHALVA has on special needs kids, teens, young adults and their families.

SHALVA provides high-quality care for children with special needs, empowering their families, and promoting social tolerance. Non-denominational and free of charge, SHALVA's programs provide care from infancy to adulthood. The organization's advocacy initiatives, community events, and disability research inspire a more inclusive society. 

I am personally contributing the initial base fundraising target and would greatly appreciate if you can contribute as well with whatever amount you would like so we can raise as much as money as possible (targeting £7,500) for this great cause.

You can learn more about Shalva here:

and here: And if you have a couple of free moments at some point, you can take a look at some videos here:

Thanks very much in advance for anything you decide to contribute to support SHALVA, and for "joining" me on this trek

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