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Jay Rosenbaum

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My Fundraising Goal: 19,341 USD
Total Raised To Date: 25,247 USD
Exceeded my goal by: 5,906 USD

This adventure started a few months ago with my good friend Justin meeting me for dinner and telling me "I want to ask you to do something with me, and you cannot say no".

I have to admit, I did at first say no. I never thought I wanted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. In fact the thought had never crossed my mind. When would I train? And how could I take the time away from my family and work for an almost two week trek?

When I thought more about this tremendous opportunity, however, I became excited. Not only would I get to attempt this incredible challenge, but I could do so in support of Shalva, a wonderful organization providing critical services to children and adults with disabilities, and their families.

Shalva is dedicated to providing transformative care for individuals with disabilities, empowering their families and promoting social inclusion. Shalva's non denominational programs are provided free of charge, and in partnership with communities, governments, academic institutions and cultural organizations worldwide.

I have seen firsthand the positive impact Shalva has had on the lives of friends of ours whose families have been affected by various disabilities, and know how important Shalva's work is in their lives. I also know from various children in our community who have volunteered with Shalva how meaningful its programs are not just to those who benefit from their services, but for those to help to provide them.

I am proud to be able to take this challenge in support of Shalva, and hope you will participate as well. Every donation is meaningful, and will ensure that Shalva can continue to serve its client families. Please consider making a donation in support of my climb.

Thank you for your support!


1. You will receive a US tax receipt for your contribution and it is tax deductible.

2. If you prefer to send a check, please make it payable to "American Friends of Shalva", and send it to me at

Jay D. Rosenbaum
Nixon Peabody LLP
100 Summer Street
Boston, MA 02110
United States of America

Thank you!

All Sponsors:
Aryeh Feder50 USDKol Hakavod and we're glad that you're back safely.
Jonathan Marriott100 GBPWell done Jay. Most inspiring and thanks for sharing amazing photos.
anonymous2500 USD
anonymous100 GBP
Douglas Spector50 USDSteve Weil told me about your climb...congratulations and thank you!
Benjamin Sigel54 USDMazal tov!
Henry Dodson50 GBP
anonymous18 USD
Mary Pratt Ardant100 USD
Ari and Ruth Schwartz36 USDAmazing !!
Melissa and Harris Perlman50 USDYou are absolutely fabulous!
Morris Zimbalist180 USDYou inspire me... Mazel Tov!!!
Adeena Sussman180 USDSo proud of you!
Deena & Avi Traum100 USDCongratulations! What an incredible accomplishment!!!
Adele Gorenstein36 USDBe safe
anonymous350 ILSKol Hakavod Jay!
anonymous1800 USDYou are inspiring! I am SO PROUD of you!
anonymous10 USD
Marvin and Ronna FIner Berman36 USD
Jeffrey Borkan72 USDGood luck on your climb -- each step for a great cause!
Eileen Rosenbaum90 USDLove you My Boy! Giving you your boost to the top!!!
Batya & David Greene50 USDgood luck on reaching new heights!
anonymous250 USD
Carl and Leah Katz/Oko50 USDCongrats, Jay! Hope it was an awesome experience. Carl and Leah
Bob Frisch100 USDHave a great trip!
anonymous36 USDI am wildly jealous. Have great and safe travels. Mazel Tov!
Marcia and Dan Shimshak36 USDUp, Up and Away. Good luck.
Jay Turk100 USDEnjoy the climb
Stuart & Susan Salzberg100 USDL'Aylah L'Aylah
David Berg36 USDGo get 'em Jay!
Simi & Esther Schwartz72 USDYaasher Koach!! Now there’s a shnaaps cup we don’t have!!!
Linda Kimball 50 USDWhat a wonderful cause! Good luck!
Hal Masters100 USDHi Jay - all the best in your endeavour. May the force be with you! Hal Masters & Jon Rego (Midsea Consulting Limited)
Lars Smith100 USDThank you for doing this!
David Ephraim100 USDB'Hatzlachah Jay!
anonymous72 USDHatzlacha Rabbah!
Andrew Kidd50 GBPBest of luck, Jay!
Sari Winick36 USDGood luck, Jay!
Joyce Black18 USD
arthur page250 USD
anonymous50 USD
Sheri Cyd Sandler1800 USDHappy Trails and We will be sending love with you! Im Inspired !
John LaPann250 USDProud to support you!
Martin & Elise Smith100 USDWhat a challenge, Jay. Well done for participating and best of luck
Seth Buckley50 USDJay - You are an inspiration!!
Meira & David Primes-Lieberman72 USDJay - Kol hakavod for doing this on behalf of Shalva. Enjoy the challenge and incredible experience! Love, Meira, David & the gang
Iris & Marc Blitstein 54 USDGood luck Jay! What an amazing adventure for a fantastic cause! Kol HaKavod!
Sarah Richards180 USDRemember - Oxygen comes in cans!
anonymous50 USDBest of luck!!!
Eric London 50 USDGood luck Jay!
Andrew Cooper250 USD
Ethan and Julie Ruby250 USD
Yechiel Marc180 ILSYa'ale v'yavo! Enjoy the climb for a great cause!
Seth Kosowsky50 USDLooking forward to the many stories...
Joshua Beiser36 USDBest of luck for a safe and amazing trip!
Peter & Elisabeth Schwartz75 USDGood luck!
benay meisels100 USDGood Luck!
Martin Flusberg100 USD
Harry Taylor100 USDGood luck Jay!
anonymous50 USDI've been to the bottom but not to the top . Go get"um
Sheldon Hanau100 USDGo for it Jay!!
Daniel Amini100 GBPgood luck Jay!
Julia Getzels100 USDGood luck and enjoy the climb!
Rob Hughes100 USDGood luck and enjoy an amazing adventure for a great cause
anonymous300 USDClimb high, climb far, your goal the sky, your aim the stars
G Richard Kramer150 USDGood luck, Jay. Great effort for a great cause!
Naomi S Korn Gold36 USDYasher Koach! Naomi & Jason Gold
Steve Lyons150 USDGood luck!
Mike Widmayer500 USDThanks for helping us to climb our mountain, now it's time for us to help you. Good Luck! Mike, Jackie, Stu, Frank, Rick & Kathy
Patrick Delahunty50 USDGood luck Jay!
Simon Aldous25 GBPGood luck Jay
Morry Stone54 USDWishing you an awesome adventure for a great cause. Here's to reaching new heights!
Arnie Harris500 USD
Lenny Schwartz250 USDRivka and I are jealous. Enjoy !
Therese Minton500 USDWell done, Jay. Wonderful cause.
Donna Suffredini100 USDStay safe and enjoy.
David DeFilippo250 USDJay- Lisa and I wish you the best of luck for your climb!
Harry Schwartz250 USDBest of luck! Janine wants to know if you'll take me.
Evelyn Moreno250 USDBest of luck, Jay!
Karin Blum54 USDWhat a fantastic adventure, and to such a good cause!
Daniel Antonelli100 USDClimb strong!
Michael Rosen180 USDGood luck. I have heard from successful Kilimanjaro summiters, it a tough climb.
Jerry Rubin100 USD
Ken Knox250 USDTenzing Advisors and I are thrilled to support you on your climb for Shalva!
Russell Cohen25 GBPGood luck, Jay
Terri Partridge100 USDBest of luck with attaining your personal and fundraising goals! Enjoy the incredible adventure.
Noah Cheses72 USDThanks for raising the bar of adventure in our community to support worthy causes!
anonymous100 USD
Jordana and Judd Schreiber50 USDAbsolutely incredible! Good luck!!
Jessica Morgan72 USDMazel tov Jay! You are already [at the]TOP with us! xox Jess, Saul and Jonah
anonymous100 GBPGood luck Jay
George Krupp500 USD
Felipe Venegas500 USDWay to go Jay!
Patrick Harney20 GBP
Abigail & Hillel Moskovits100 USDGreat cause! Good Luck, Jay!
Michael Wiener100 USDGood Luck
Julia and Alex Lipman100 USDGood luck on your climb Jay!
paul colone250 USD
Susan Kardos36 USDThank you for taking on this inspiring challenge and for supporting such a worthy cause. Good luck!!!!
Valerie Tocci50 USDGreat project! Lots of good luck.
Cherry and Donald Brewster100 USDRemember, one foot in front of the other. Climb high, climb safe!
Matt Santangelo100 USDבהצלחה
Gary & Debbie Sylvan50 USDHave fun! Breathe easy!
Andrew Butler54 USDKol HaKavod! - Nancy & Andy
David Schechter180 USDI'm jealous! One day I will make that climb too. You are my inspiration, and what a great cause.
Lisa McChesney50 USDGood luck on an awesome endeavor!
anonymous150 USDWhen they go low, we go high.
Lisa Wallack180 USDBest of luck Jay!!
Adam Lambert50 USDGood luck, Jay!
Michael & Dayna Delman36 USDKol HaKavod!
Campe Goodman100 USDSafe travels, Jay!
Amy Goldman36 USDKol HaKavod!!
Marvin Wiener100 USDKol Hakovod
John Schachter100 USDA great adventure in a great cause!
David Hollenbaugh100 USDEnjoy the adventure!
Paul Auerbach54 USDGreat cause and impressive achievement on your part, which I'm delighted to support. And I thought hiking in the Colorado Rockies was a big deal!
Rob Erdmann250 USDJay: Best of luck from all your Friends at Felton, Berlin & Erdmann!
Steven Weil50 USDI always knew you would rise to great heights!
anonymous200 USDAmazing!
anonymous636 USD
David Chused50 USDAmazing!! I'm EXTREMELY proud of you.... And Shana Tova!!!
Stewart Hirsch36 USDGood luck Jay! You can do it!
Lawrence Cohen500 USD
David Crosbie 300 USDBest of Luck Jay!
Martin Lowenthal 360 USDAmazing cause and great idea. Have an easy climb. My daughter just did it.
Matt and Libi Rides36 USDyashar koach, עלה והצלח' literally!
Aron Ain180 USDGo Jay!
jan rothschild100 USD
Marc Baker18 USD
Adam Suttin150 USDGood luck!
Josh Lindner50 USDAn impressive challenge for a great cause! Go Jay Go!
Eileen & Ira Rosenbaum118 USDVery Proud
Robin and Steven Rubenstein 180 USDAmazing!
Mark Semer250 USDProud of you for taking on this challenge to support a great cause. It will be an incredible experience.
Andrew Janower250 USDGo Jay Go!
Michelle Wiener54 USD
Stacy Goodman100 USDWonderful story and cause. Aim high! What a tremendous adventure this will be!
Jay Rosenbaum1800 USD