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My Fundraising Goal: 22,941 USD
Total Raised To Date: 23,959 USD
Exceeded my goal by: 1,018 USD

Dear Friends,
As I am approaching my 70th birthday next year, I am thankful and blessed for the wonderful life I’ve had so far. I have a loving family and relatives. I’ve had a meaningful career at New York Life, friends from back in Boro Park where I grew up, friends from high school at Ner Israel, from Brooklyn College, from the Grossingers Hotel, Ramaz, Amit, Pine Lake Park and friends on the West Side including those at Lincoln Square Synagogue.
Because of the encouragement and support that I received when training and completing the Jerusalem Marathon to celebrate my 65th birthday I’ve decided to take on another personal and charitable challenge to celebrate my 70th. I will join a group of individuals who will set off to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro (19,341 ft.) located in Tanzania. Kilimanjaro is a natural wonder and the tallest freestanding mountain in the world. We will hike through five eco-systems, including rainforest, desert and arctic terrain.
My three goals are:
1) Getting in the best physical shape of my life by training up to six days a week as preparation for this arduous trek (thanks to Aaron Karp sports physiologist at the Hospital for Special Surgery for helping with my exercises).
2) Having YOU consider taking on a physical goal which could result in your better health. You might be surprised at what the mind can conceive and what the body can do. I have often been told that my undertaking at age 65 has encouraged people to exercise.
Last but not least,
3) Raising funds for a worthy organization named Shalva that helps children with special needs from birth to young adulthood to develop skills required for a better life. Please visit to learn more about the important work of Shalva. I have visited their center in Jerusalem and seen their work first hand. Needless to say, Shalva could not undertake the work they do, which is provided free of charge,
Please support the work of Shalva and by helping Shalva you will encourage me to continue the difficult training regimen and to ultimately G-d willing reach the peak. And at that very special space of G-d’s majesty in nature and the rejuvenation of my soul I will thank G-d for the life I’m living and thank each of you for your participation.
Bernie Zweig

All Sponsors:
Jane Flechner & Dr. Ronnie AH" Schechter58 USDGlad you did not go.
Bernard & Ruth Simon360 USDMAZAL TOV to GABBI for filling in well for her ABBA, Bernie.....And much luck to Bernie for a complete recovery.............Ruth & Bernie Simon
The Applebaum Foundation2000 USD
Dorothea Krieger100 USDYou inspire others!
Aviva & Marvin Sussman Foundation100 USDGood Luck with your Challenge!
Moise Hendeles180 USDBest Regards
Gabi Zweig Facebook/ sponsor page391 USDThx for helping my Dad toward his fundraising goal.
William Gold120 USDKol Hakavod
David Badner180 USD
Bernard Kabak19 USDDon't forget an extra pair of socks
Paris Wald Stulbach36 USDKol Hakavod! Have a great climb!
Rita Lourie-Galena36 USDSo excited for you!
paula friedman18 USDgood luck
Howard Levine100 USDDo it for Brett Kavanaugh!!
Ari Dubinsky36 USDHappy climbing
Michael Laufer108 USDYou're already at the top of the mountain in my book
Avi Rosen360 USD
Arlene Bienenfeld75 USDKol Hakavod
Sam Menaged100 USD
Elana/Ronnie Kastner36 USDGood Luck !
Richard Zinaman18 USD
Marion/Maure Spanbock50 USD
Hannah Tenenbaum36 USD
Allen/Orit Orgel100 USDWe are glad to support your worthy cause. Wishing you luck in accomplishing your goals and challenges.
Ariel Ackerman2428 USDGood luck
stuart Lahn54 USDKol Hakavod, Bernie! Happy 70th and many more happy, healthy birthdays to reach new heights!!
Schapira Foundation c/o Yoram Ginach P.C.250 USD
Sheldon Alster180 USDGood Luck !
Debora Penchassi36 USDGood Luck !
Shahina & Ari Moses180 USD
ivan berkowitz180 USDYou are climbing for all the right reasons!
Sherry & Mark Fessel100 USDGood luck - and happy 70th!
Jeremy Chess MD100 USD
Shirley Ward25 USD
Esther/William Schulder100 USDBest of Luck
Judy and Dov Nisman25 USDKol HaKavod Bernie!!
Philip and Dorothy Hirth Foundation180 USD
shelly lang100 USDHatzlacha to you and this worthy charity.
Ora Hamelsdorf36 USDKol Hakavod!!
Nathan Rosen36 USDWay to go - a real role setter and an inspiration to us all.
Saul Spitz180 USDGood luck
Fabius Fox100 USDWe support your effort and your good work. Love, Zippy and Fabe Fox
Phyllis/Stanley Getzler100 USD
anonymous250 USD
Lu Stienberg Michael Schulder125 USDGood Luck
Aidel/Ephraim Buchwald100 USD
Raiten/ Prudential100 USD
Jerry/ Barbara Weissman180 USD
Brad Cary100 USD"It is not the goal, It is the Journey"
Alvin/Aliza Broome100 USDBernie, Good Luck on This
David Meyer50 USD
Gerald Hollander100 USD
Bina Presser50 USDWow! Go Man Go.
Frank Scarpa50 USDHi Bernie,Climb Mt. Kilminjaro? How old are you? I think your crazy! But Good Luck. I'm Cheering for you.
Levi Katlowitz26 USDHatzlacha Happy Birthday
Gloria & Richard Kestenbaum70 USDThat's quite a trajectory, from Ner Yisrael to Kilimanjaro...
Howard and Tova Weiser100 USDHappy 70th! Best wishes for a great climb!
Susan Ruttner36 USD
Harriet Frank350 USDI'm so happy to support your wonderful charitable endeavors.
Suchu & Meyer Solny100 USDYour 70th Birthdasy challenge is truly inspiring!!! Much Hatzlacha in your training and your climb.
Daniel & Shoshana Strassman50 USD
ian Silver100 USDWow, What a Challenge. Good Luck!
Judah Feigenbaum180 USDBernie, Keep up the good work. Happy Climbing !!!
Marge & Harry Heching100 USD
anonymous1000 USD
Nate & Mimi Sheff100 USD
Bernard Broome500 USD
Richard Wigler18 USD
Susanne & Michael Kest180 USD
Jill and Brian Chevlin72 USDB'hatzlacha! Thank you for including us in this opportunity to sponsor you! Jill and Brian Chevlin
Joseph B. Sprung250 USDGood Luck !
Debbie & Mendy Merel54 USDHappy 70th !
Michael & Arleen Lipstein180 USDHatzlacha!
Pinny & Zippy Lax36 USDHatzlocho- Best Regards
MArk Pfaff500 USDWhat an exciting challenge/endeavor!! Happy to contribute toward your goal.
Carl Renda100 USDGreat Job Bernie
Tineke & Steven Kevelson50 USDCongratulations on your current challenge and wishing you a safe successful and fun adventure.
The Freund Family Foundation180 USD
Rhonda Schuval 36 USDYou are an inspiration!
Gabi Zweig Facebook306 USD
New York Life212 USD
Cappell Family 100 USDGood luck Bernie!! You got this!
Richard and Oreet Foltin36 USDB'hatzlachah!
Robert Eichenbaum100 USDMoshiach now
Harry & Barbara Jacobowitz180 USD".... I will sleep better knowing that you did not climb 19,341 feet."
Joseph & Karen Awendstern360 USD
Leah Englard50 USDHatzlacha in all your endeavors
Rabbi Yechezkel & Malka ZWEIG18 USD
Mel & Rebecca Spitz360 USDay you always be in good health and ready to do mitzvohs!
Jerald & Sara Berger100 USD
Barbara & David Morris72 USDUntil 120!
Edward & Marla Lieberman100 USD
Michael Friend25 USDMay you reach new heights, daily.
abe & Shani englard54 USDGood luck!!
Ed Klar100 USDHatzlacha
June & Stuart Feigenblatt100 USDBring Back Hershy Kisses!
David Menaged260 USDOne cool cat climbing a cool Kat
david sable180 USDclimb baby...climb!!!!!
Goldy & Baruch Greenfield180 USDHatzlacha!
Geri and Neal Lipschitz 100 USDMay you go from strength to strength with vigor! Yasher Koach!
Jeremy Heisler360 USDGood luck, Bernie!
Abraham Diamond100 USD
Ira Smedra250 USD
Bruce & Michelle Berger100 USD
Leslie & Joseph Brandsdorfer118 USDThank you for all you do. you are an inspiration for all! Safe Travel
STEVEN SPIRA100 USDKol Hakovod!!
anonymous360 USD
Irving & Rena Fuchs36 USD
Shoshana and Ted Diskind180 USDFrom Alaska to Kilimanjaro. We were with you in body then; we'll be with you in spirit now.
Golda Hudes54 USDMazal Tov and best of luck
Edna Doiny William J. Caplow100 USDGood Luck Bernie!
Israel Fridman50 USDI am inspired by you. You are truly taking yourself to new heights.
Robert Kirschner20 USD
Naomi Rosen180 USDGood luck as you soar to new highs in life. I await our celebration upon your return!
Ilene & Louis Vynerib100 USDWow! What a great objective. Good Luck
Janet & Stan Broome100 USDSuper Fantastic Come Home Safe
Lenore & Jack Brown36 USD
Gerald Kahn100 USDHave a great climb. All the Best..
Mark Hecht100 USDGo Get Em Bernie !!
Marvin/Janice Katz90 USDWishing you only success in the process of becoming the best version of yourself.
Ben Lipschitz180 USDwith Mazal
Jeffrey and Yehudit Neuman100 USDMay Hashem bless you to always reach great heights.
Florence & Andrei Kalman250 USDLots of luck on your endeavor. We admire your hard work to achieve your goal.
Ruvan Cohen100 USDThen you will truly have אלע מעלות! Best of luck!
Glenn and Lenore Richter36 USDOnwards and upwards -- reaching new heights of tzedaka!
Jean Zauderer180 USDSuper adventure! Enjoy & be safe. Johnny & Helene
lee rimsky25 USDgood luck Bernie!!
anonymous50 USD
Irving and Susan Englard250 USDDon't forget tfilas haderech on your way up and down
Allan D. Pekelner18 USDHave a great climb
Marvin and Marilynn Goldman36 USD
Aaron Goss50 USDBest of luck with the Climb. Thank you for being so welcoming at Shul.
Cyrus Abbe100 USDWonderful!
Aaron and Rivkah Slonim36 USDYasher Koach. May you climb higher mechoyil el choyil in good health and with lots of nachas and simchas until 120!
Linda Berger18 USDYou’re amazing and inspiring to be doing this climb, and for a meaningful cause! Happy 70th!
Joyce and David Friedman50 USDGood luck! Joyce and David
Levi & Hadasa Slonim36 USDHonored to be part of this. Inspired by this project and the other wonderful projects of Chesed you and your family are involved with. Keep climbing and inspiring!
Martha Steinmetz36 USDBest wishes Bernie.
Stephen Levine36 USDInspiring Bernie!!!
Nathan Rosen36 USDWOW! Wonderful - a real fantastic activity and process to prepare.
Adele & Hy Itzkowitz100 USDsomething to aspire to
Julie Borla36 USDKol Hakavod Bernie...
Francine and Jay Cinamon54 USDKol Hakavod, Bernie. We're rooting for you every step of the journey.
Gabi Zweig50 USDSO proud of you dad! keep on climbing!
Natan Cohen100 USDAmazing!!!
Guila and Mel Feinberg193 USDEver upward, Bernie!
Judy & Joe Pollack180 USD
Trudy & Jay Zimmerin180 USD
Nat Perlmutter250 USD
Rose and Morty Landowne100 USDKol Hakavod, Bernie!
benjamin and dorothy brandsdorfer180 USDi don't want to hear "How did I get here?" in the middle of the climb.
Leo Ditkoff54 USDSouthbury Ct. 06488
Marshall Sterman36 USDGo Bernie!
Maya Shaposhnik Cadena 36 USDGo Bernie! What an amazing way to celebrate your birthday! Mazal tov and behatzlaha!
Soli Foger18 USDMazal tov on your 70th. Good luck and don't overdo it.
Alex Yaroslavsky54 USD
Daniel Feder180 USDGo Bernie and send me a picture from the top!!
Julian Horowitz100 USD
Bernard & Ruth Simon72 USDKOL HA KAVODE LECHA!!!!!!!!
Bernard Kabak75 USDPer aspera ad astra