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My Fundraising Goal: 10,000 USD
Total Raised To Date: 8,692 USD
Remaining: 1,308 USD

My name is Frank. I live in Kemp Mill in Silver Spring, Maryland. I grew up in Brooklyn and England. I served in the British Army in England, Northern Ireland, West Germany, Malta and Hong Kong. I have worked and lived in Liverpool; London; Brussels; the Hague; Strasbourg, France; Heidelberg, Germany; and a dozen cities in the United States.

While climbing in the Arakan Yoma mountain range in Burma in 1973, I met a Jewish-born Buddhist monk from Australia. He showed me a leaf and said that even something as simple and humble as a leaf "has a purpose." He urged me to read an Emily Dickinson poem and to avoid living my life in vain.

In 1987 I was trekking in the Andes Mountains up to Aconcagua, the highest mountain outside Asia. The Nazi-hunting expedition didn't uncover any war criminals who had not been found before, but we met a Holocaust survivor who lived in the mountains between Venezuela and Brazil. He told me his pre-WWII life in Poland had purpose, but had no meaning. He found meaning in teaching the tribes in the Amazon. He told me not to live in vain.

One day in 2004 I huddled with some 20 others in a bunker at an Israel Defense Forces army base near S'derot. Two children had been killed by Qassam rockets the day before. I asked a fellow volunteer, an American Reform rabbi, why she gave up three weeks of vacation to labor in dirt, sweat and weapon grease and risk being blown up by rockets. She said she didn't want to live in vain; helping Israel gave her life meaning.

I recently read about the work of Shalva Children's Center, which helps children with disabilities. Shalva empowers these children and their families to live in a socially inclusive environment. Children are like leaves: simple and humble.

As a child who had to grow up early and fast in order to survive, I know what it is like to be helpless, hopeless and homeless. My experience has led me to help orphans, disadvantaged children, wounded veterans, homeless people, and "unadoptable" animals. I hope I can help children with disabilities. They are as vulnerable as homeless blind and deaf dogs.

My previous climbs had a purpose--to test my will and ability to survive. This Shalva Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb Challenge provides meaning. Your entire sponsorship will go to help children from different backgrounds, religions and nationalities integrate into society and live full, productive and purposeful lives. Please be my partner in adding meaning to their lives and ours. Your contribution is 100 percent tax-deductible.

(I ran into the Buddhism monk in 1988 in Washington, D.C. He had become a member of the Unification Church. When I visited him in 2002 in Australia, he had returned to Judaism. He called himself the thrice-born-again Jew.)

Not in Vain

If I can stop one heart from breaking,
I shall not live in vain:
If I can ease one life the aching,
Or cool one pain,
Or help one fainting robin
Unto his nest again,
I shall not live in vain.

--by Emily Dickinson

All Sponsors:
anonymous50 USDWishing you a successful climb!
David Goldschlag72 USDWow! What a mission!
dominique babeau500 USDall the people going up converge
Rodney and Karen Brooks100 USDGreat project.
Ruth and Irwin Chornock18 USDSorry we couldn't give you $10,000 for this worthy mitzvah as much as we want to. Stay safe and come back to us. Our shul needs you for all the wonderful things you have done for us.
Paul and Eti Bardack54 USDWhat an inspiring mitzvah. May your spirit guide you all the way to the top.
anonymous18 USDWonderful effort, Frank!
anonymous36 USDHappy to assist your big mitzvah in a small way -- best of luck in your climb.
Rabbi Suson100 USDKol hakavod!
Diane and Bezalel Tzarfaty54 USDWhat an amazing adventure. All the best!
Stefan Gunther36 USDGreat initiative!
Bradley and Jeanne Reardon50 USD
Pam and Howard Gorin36 USDAin't no mountain high enough, Frank, to get between you and your dreams.
Pat Relich100 USDGood luck my friend. I hope our travels cross one day and we can share the moment and make a difference in this world. Maybe as small as making a person smile for a moment and showing them someone cares.
anonymous25 USD
Anita and Melvin Brenner100 USD
Pierre Dugan100 USDHave a good and blessed trip!
Jim and Judy Judge100 USDFrank this is a wonderful cause and I am so glad to be able to sponsor you.
anonymous18 USD
anonymous54 USDGood luck. Would love to meet you.
Joshua Muravchik54 USDGod bless
Martha Hare54 USDMay you reach great heights on all levels ... and return safely.
Sharon Cohany180 USDMay you go from strength to strength, Frank. Sharon and Glen
Sara and Gabriel Solomon540 USD
Daphna and Daniel Raskas50 USD
Erica Brown36 USDGood luck, Frank and thanks for inspiring us with your story.
Elaine and Sid Waldstreicher36 USDGood luck Frank!
Scott Wasserberg36 USDGo reach for the stars Frank!
anonymous1000 USDG-d bless
anonymous36 USDGo from strength to strength!
Martin Freeman100 USDFrank - I will try to follow your example and not live my life in vain. Safe trip!
Sheryl & Jack Porat36 USDGood luck with your climb! You will do great. Thank you for all of your service.
anonymous100 USDThank you for your commitment to Shalva! Good luck. Stay safe.
anonymous100 USDMay your strength and compassion protect you and take you to the summit.
Uri Freedman100 USDFrank, Happy to support this worthy cause. You inspire me to do better.
Qaisar Shareef100 USDGodspeed and good luck.
Janet Bolton100 USDYou don't have to climb - we will donate anyway!! Janet Bolton and Sheldon Lehner
Linda Streitfeld36 USDProud to know you, Frank!
Clifford & Betty Fishman180 USDWe admire your commitment and determination. We'll be with you in spirit!
neil roland36 USDStay eternally young, Frank, so you can help others not live their lives in vain.
anonymous100 USDBest of luck, and stay safe!
nicholas kazmerski50 USDGood luck!
anonymous100 USDMay your dedication and purpose protect you.
Jeffrey Suzanne Sacks Jackson100 USDGood climbing, Frank!
Me'ira Gale36 USD
Linda and Thomas Sweeting and Campbell25 USDChildren are our future. Best of luck in your mission!
Mark Novak108 USD
David Eisenman72 USDBest of luck, Frank. This is a very meaningful and worthy cause.
Daniel Bean100 USDGood Luck Frank!
Susan and Avey Ashery58 USD
Robin Zaner25 USDGood luck Frank, you are very generous.
Jack Talbert James Lamont54 USDVery Inspirational ! Please come back safe
Gene Pollock250 USDFrank, best wishes and much success on both the climb and the fundraising from Kathy & me. Safe journey!
anonymous54 USDMay your efforts be blessed.
Roger and Harriet Levitt36 USDGood luck Frank. What a wonderful idea -- we wish you the very best
Nancy and Barry Bosworth200 USDHave fun, Frank! It's for a good cause.
anonymous100 USD
Stan and Ruth Seemann100 USDBest of luck Frank.
Leila Beker118 USDOur best wishes for a successful climb and thanks for your efforts in supporting Shalva.
anonymous108 USD
Howard Weiser100 USDFrank - Best wishes for a great climb!
Richard Schifter180 USDYou are sponsoring a highly worthwhile program
Laura Davis50 USDMay the mantra "Pole Pole" guide your steps and breath all the way to the top. Thanks for making the world a better place for all of our children.
Diana Zurer36 USDWhat a great adventure for a great cause!
Andrea Kline100 USDAll the best on this climb and reaching your goal
Debbie Marks20 USDLove your message and love the poem! Thank you for all you do, Frank!
Cynthia Rodgers100 USDThank you for sharing E. Dickinson's poem - if only all us would take it to heart....
Rose Abrams 54 USDBless you and your mission. Can't think of a better way to use my yiskor money
Clayton Boyce54 USD
Lawrence Baizer180 USD
Bruce Goldberg54 USDTake pride in your accomplishment and joy in doing a true mitzvah for others. My family deeply understands what a wonderful thing you are doing. Upward!
janet and mark nesse/lewis118 USDour thoughts will be climbing with you
Natalie And Barry Cantor54 USDrooting for you
Joel Gross500 USDFrank, you are an inspiration. Have a great climb!
Michael Kraft100 USDGood luck with the climb. We'd sponsor you even if you were climbing a lesser mountain.
anonymous36 USDYou rock!
Jonah Green126 USDGo for it, Frank! What a brave endeavor for a wonderful cause--Jonah and Lori
anonymous180 USDWhat a beautiful message and a great cause, Frank! You inspire us all!
John Collins125 USDOnward and Upward, Frank!
Jayme Sokolow100 USDGet to the summit!
Jennifer Jones100 USDWhat a great organization you are climbing for! Good luck on the climb, Frank!