Climb Kilimanjaro for SHALVA
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Naama Shmulevitz Massad

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My Fundraising Goal: 30,000 ILS
Total Raised To Date: 30,684 ILS
Exceeded my goal by: 684 ILS

Next February I will climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

I chose to do so with "Charity Challenge" ,which allows the perfect combination between an exceptional adventure challenge, and the challenge of raising money for a charity of my choice.
I chose to make a difference and contribute to SHALVA.

More than 5 years ago, through my work, I become acquainted with "SHALVA". A wonderful organization helping children with special needs and their families, visited their home in Jerusalem and have been involved in their activities and their extraordinary and unique work.
My aim is to raise 30,000 Israeli Shekel that will BENEFIT SHALVA and the vital services they provide.

By donating you will helping an amazing organization.
To learn more about Shalva, please visit:

Thank you for supporting and helping me reach this goal.

All Sponsors:
Thomas Housley200 USD
anonymous3920 ILSTHIS IS IT!
Naomi Holtzer100 ILSבהצלחה!
Maya Holtzer100 ILSבהצלחה!!!
Nirit Oren100 ILSבריאות והצלחה
anonymous5000 ILSבהצלחה!
anonymous180 ILSתהני! אוהבים
anonymous1000 ILS
Michael Gordon400 USDHave a great time!!
anonymous750 ILSJust do it
זמי בן חורין150 ILSבתוספת חומוס עוזי
anonymous200 ILSבהצלחה נעמונת
Yuval hollander200 ILSטיפוס קל ונעים!!!
Nir Israeli150 ILSהמון בהצלחה !
Lannie Hulnick50 USDGood luck!! You are awesome!!
David Bickman50 USDI wish you the very best of success in your climb and in your charitable endeavour.
Anat Knoll150 ILSבהצלחה!
ניצה רונה180 ILSנרגשת יחד אתך ומחאת אמונה בהצלחתך
Zvi Vilnai180 ILSבהצלחה נעמה
Matan Yaffe 100 ILSGood luck!
מלי ומיכאל דור500 ILSבהצלחה!
anonymous250 ILSyou go girl
Michal and Meir Oren500 ILSבהצלחה מכל הלב
יעקב ואסתר אורבך200 ILSבאהבה המון הצלחה
אורנה ואיציק לוי1800 ILSתני בראששש נעמה
DEAN BRODESKY500 ILSwell done and good luck
anonymous5000 ILS
Effi Shaked1000 ILSWell done. go kill that mountain!
Avi Hinkis650 ILSGood luck!
Hadasa Bracha 250 ILS
Tamar Herzig peled179 ILSאלופה!!
Keren Kadmon222 ILSEnjoy
BB Kings180 ILSI Knew You Were Waiting...
Shirley Berkovich100 ILS❤️
Keren Aharon180 ILSבהצלחה תותחית על ❤
Karen G.100 ILS
Chen Elzner150 ILS
Shani Eizenshtein150 ILSבהצלחה
Aaron Bickman 50 CADBehatzlacha!
Oded & shani Barsk150 ILSאלופה!
ח ש1000 ILSWe love you
Shira&Lior Dvorachek180 ILSWe love you Naama❤️
Sharon Oron100 ILSמשוגעת אמיתית. בהצלחה מותק
Ruth Shahaf100 ILS
יורם בניטה500 ILSבהצלחה
Ron Greenbaum100 ILSgood luck!
Ariella Leshem500 ILS
anonymous1000 ILSGood luck !!!
Guy Massad140 ILSGood luck