Climb Kilimanjaro for SHALVA
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Gordon Akum

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My Fundraising Goal: 12,500 CAD
Total Raised To Date: 1,328 CAD
Remaining: 11,172 CAD

Hi, my name is Gord Akum from Toronto, Canada. I am making this journey for four reasons: to fundraise for the wonderful organization Shalva; in honour of my late mother’s memory (Tova Ada Akum / Felsen); for the Refua Shlama of Ilana Orli; and for my love of nature and all of God’s creation.

All Sponsors:
David Burden136 CADKol HaKavod
Michael Saron100 CADGood Luck
Shawn Jerusalim36 CADHave Fun!
anonymous100 CADGo higher Gord!
Stephen Tonelli50 CADAll the best Gord!
Trudy Young500 CADEvery sunrise is an invitation for us to arise and brighten someone’s day. RICHELLE E. GOODRICH
Haim Grinhaus100 CAD
Randi Tepperman36 CADHave fun!
Paul Cristini20 CADWear warm socks!
Peter Dravers250 CAD“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.” from Kilimanjaro quotes